The Nuclear Football Fumble

March 2, 2021   |   by Eriс

The following was written and kindly provided by a friend of ours, Mr. Phil


All of a sudden forces within the upper levels of the Democratic Party are calling for President Biden to no longer be the one and only person to authorize the use of America’s nuclear arsenal.  Why is this push for change in authorization to use nuclear weapons coming from his political party?  What the hell is going on?

Are you wondering about or have we so soon forgotten, being so distracted by the CCP virus, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s panicked phone call to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. Military asking questions about President Trump’s authority to launch nuclear weapons.  Either she was totally ignorant of how it works, or she was executing the well-established Democratic Party “way of life” to constantly non-stop demonize President Trump.  To “Cancel” him to prevent him running for elected office ever again.  Why?

Getting back to “launch authorization,” ONLY in Hollywood movies is the decision to “Launch” made “Solely” by the President of the United States as he wishes or as he orders!  It’s not so!

The “infrastructure” is carried in a heavy black briefcase, called the “football,” that a military aide brings everywhere the President goes.  Inside is communications equipment to allow the President to immediately talk to the National Military Command Center, a sealed packet with a piece of paper inside called a “biscuit” that contains an authentication code to certify that the order is coming from the U.S President, and a basic pamphlet of pre-set military responses.  The simplicity of the set up is designed for the President to make a decision in a matter of minutes.  In essence, he doesn’t call the N.M.C.C. and order them to launch an attack on a whim – because they will not!  They call him!  It’s not an unsystematic informal “chit-chat” between the President and the Military. 

The entire U.S. military foundation is built upon the President of the United States being the one and only Commander-in-Chief.  It’s been that way since a guy named George Washington took the job.  The structure is such that there is NO TIME for discussions by a committee.  God forbid, that “Football” rings, to inform the President that a large number of nuclear missiles are inbound.  Whoever answers that call can’t tell the Military Commander on the other end, “I’ll call you back and let you know what to do!”  To be honest, to have that in place is an open invitation for enemy attacks!  It’s the quick sudden reprisal that keeps the world at peace!  There can be no greater threat to the United States and the world than to “unplug” the “football.”  It’s a traitor’s action and treason on the very highest level.

At the time of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s conversation with Chairman Mark Milley and the subsequent, extremely well-publicized mainstream media demonizing of President Trump calling him a “deranged madman about to nuke the whole world,” retired Gen. Colin Powell, a former Joint Chiefs chairman, cautioned against bringing the nuclear codes into the discussion on Trump and his final days, insisting that the concerns about a madman left to his own devices with the launch codes is simply not the way it works.  All military personnel are trained to understand their right to NOT follow any illegal order issued by a superior.  Yes, the U.S. military can and will refuse any illegal, unjustified “launch order” from the President of the United States.  It’s been a deeply embedded U.S. policy since 1950 not to be the first to launch, but to be capable of immediate and overwhelming retaliation.  Again, that keeps the peace.

Why is this an issue?

Does it involve the desire of China to weaken the U.S. military defense?

Is it that President Biden is Nancy Pelosi’s actual “madman left to his own devices” and not President Trump?

Could this be another political maneuver with the aid of the mainstream media to remove President Biden from office under the 25th Amendment, claiming he is not mentally fit to carry out his Presidential obligations, moving the most radical Left-Wing U.S. Senator who is now Vice President into the Oval Office.  Vice President Harris is already taking on the duty of speaking to foreign leaders because President Biden, who speaks to a foreign leader on Monday, can’t recall what they spoke about when that leader calls back on Wednesday?

Or is it this?  The head of Israel’s Mossad, Yossi Cohen, will be meeting in the next few weeks with President Biden to discuss Iran.  Is it a hopeful sign?  Cohen know as much about Iran’s nuclear program, and how to stop it, as anyone alive.  And the Mossad has done more to set back that program than any other spy agency in the world.  Joe Biden is well aware of that, one hopes, and of Mossad’s near-mythic prowess in dealing with its enemies to guarantee the security of the Jewish state.  If anyone can lucidly lay out the case against the U.S. returning to the Iran deal without demanding very strong modifications, that person is Yossi Cohen.

Keep in mind that the Obama/Biden administration displayed near total hate for Israel.  They offered the minimum support necessary to not lose the Jewish vote – mostly “lip service.”  Much of what Obama/Biden did in not supporting Israel was hidden by the U.S. mainstream media.  The U.S. pushed the western European nations to go along with a farce of an Iranian nuclear deal and paying Iran billions of U.S. dollars.  By the way, that deal has already expired.  And, who became the U.S. Point Man to put the deal together?  Secretary of State John Kerry.

John Kerry’s daughter married a man of Iranian descent, but he was born and raised in America.  Dr. Vanessa Bradford Kerry married Dr. Brian Vala Nahed in 2009.  The couple met as resident doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

John Kerry should have recused himself from the Iranian nuclear talks or any talks with Iran.  He had a serious conflicts of interest relating to his close family Iranian ties.

Kerry made the admission after a website operated by the Iranian government reported that his son-in-law was an Iranian-American who had many relatives living in Iran.  The report was published in the Iranian media and all over the European media BUT was absent from American mass mainstream media.  As Kerry faced his Senate confirmation hearing to become Secretary of State, at that point Kerry had never made ANY public announcement of the marriage, but it wasn’t “Top Secret.”  Yet, not one Senator asked a single question regarding this during his confirmation hearings because they were Democratic Party Senators and Republican Senators who were part of the “Beltway” crowd that didn’t rock any boats.  Or perhaps they just didn’t know or never thought Obama would make him the “Point Man” for the U.S./Iranian dealings and relationships.

Kenneth Timmerman, president of the Foundation for Democracy in Iran, described the timing of Kerry’s admission of the marriage being true as follows:  “Was the Iranian publication itself a subtle form of blackmail, aimed at letting Kerry know that the regime is fully aware of his son-in-law’s extended family in Iran?  The Islamic Republic systematically puts pressure on family members of prominent Iranian-Americans and has imprisoned some on fake criminal charges (for example, individuals who work at the Persian Service of Voice of America), to make sure that they do not engage in hostile statements or activities against the Tehran regime.

Certainly, Secretary Kerry, before the marriage, has long favored a U.S. rapprochement with the Islamic Republic.  He has repeatedly appeared with groups such as the American Iranian Council (AIC), and has taken money from Iranian-Americans for his political campaigns, including at least one illegal donation from an Iranian woman who did not have a green card.  So some think he didn’t need to have an Iranian-American family member to believe that the United States should forge direct relations with the Islamic Republic or to ease U.S. pressure on the regime.  John Kerry got nowhere until the U.S unfroze billions of dollars in Iranian money within U.S. banks and delivered billions of dollars in U.S. cash, to purchase a meaningless piece of paper outlining a temporary halt in nuclear weapons development, that the Iranians violated anyway and which is now expired.

A sad and embarrassing moment in American history was to see the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu having to stand before a joint session of the U.S. Congress and beg America to not enter into the Iranian Nuclear Deal that would put Israel, the entire Middle East and Europe in danger of a nuclear war and destruction at the hands of Iran.  Most Americans might not know that when Israel became a country in May of 1948, U.S. President Harry Truman was the first world leader making America the very first country to recognize Israel.  When asked about this years later, he commented that the Jews were there for America when we needed help! 

Lost somewhere in history, never taught to American children, was the story of how during the American Revolutionary War, John Adams traveled to Holland to try and raise money to support the American Revolution.  In fear of England, no one was too eager to help the Rebel Americans that had a snowball’s chance in hell to defeat the mighty British army.  John Adams found a group of Dutch Jewish bankers who believed in the American cause for freedom and made a loan to America in pure gold bars, an incredible amount indeed.  John Adams’ task was to find the fastest Dutch schooner possible to make a mad dash across the Atlantic to deliver the gold without being captured by an English war ship.  John Adams came down with a fever that nearly killed him and delayed his departure for over two months.  He finally set sail with favorable winds out of Rotterdam and, as bad luck would have it, at mid-ocean they were spotted by a British warship who gave chase.  But the speedy schooner kept a steady distance and the British warship couldn’t close in.  Suddenly, John Adams asked to borrow the musket of one of the Dutch guards, he walked to the rear of the schooner and fired a shot at the British ship.  He returned the musket and told the guard that he had felt guilty for not serving in the army and fighting the British but now he felt better and could go to his grave guilt free having fired upon the enemy of his country.  That gold paid for tons of supplies and no American troops ever froze to death or starved to death again at Valley Forge!  A side note:  King George III of England was really, really very angry once he learned that John Adams left Holland with a ship loaded with not only Gold but full of supplies including gun powder for Washington’s army.  

In the meantime, the most amazing thing happened under President Trump’s administration.  The United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco, all Arab-Muslim nations, created diplomatic relations with Israel.  Prior to this, the only Arab-Muslim country to have diplomatic relations with Israel was Turkey, who established relations in March of 1949.  Keep this in mind as you put the dots together why a group of extreme Saudi radicals arranged the murder of a Turkish news reporter Jamal Khashoggi who had spent years being very critical of Saudi Arabia.  Those responsible for this crime have been tried and executed by the Saudi government.  There was a great worldwide media campaign at the time to place blame for this murder directly on the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Keep in mind that the two most powerful Arab nations in the Middle East are Iran and Saudi Arabia and the two are mortal enemies.  The Saudi’s have always maintained good relationships with the U.S.A.  Actually, the United States was the first nation ever granted permission to deploy its military on Saudi soil and used it to stage its attack on Iraq in the Desert Storm war.  There is a very interesting story in George Bush’s autobiography about inviting Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Abdallah to his Texas Ranch prior to Desert Storm.  While President Bush was discussing many issues involving the Middle East and was also trying to get permission to stage U.S. troops on Saudi soil prior to Desert Storm, the Crown Prince seemed very reluctant to do so.  While driving alone with President Bush at the wheel of his jeep, they were touring the ranch’s vast property.  Suddenly, a wild turkey ran across the road and the President commented that he has never, ever seen wild turkeys here at that time of year and that it was very, very, unusual and hard to believe they were there at that time.  The Crown Prince yelled to Bush to stop the jeep!  He turned to the President and said, “The wild bird is a good omen sent by Allah (God).  Yes, you can bring your army to Saudi Arabia.”

Despite what could very well be total fake news to destroy the relationship between Saudi Arabia and America, President Trump believed the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s statement of non-involvement in this crime.  President Trump continued to maintain the good relationship with Saudi Arabia

In his first week as President, Joe Biden cancelled the sale of all U.S. modern jet fighters to Saudi Arabia and ordered all Saudi Air Force pilots and personnel training here out of the United States.  Now President Joe Biden is releasing some supposedly new secret information linking Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.  Could it be fake news?

During the 2020 election campaign, Joe Biden promised to “make the Saudis pay the price and make them, in fact, the pariah that they are.”  All this is happening now, about an event that happened three years ago.  Why?  This is surely a call for big celebrations in Iran!

But wait – a move that would really change things fast in the Middle East:  For the first time in history, communication channels between high level government officials of Saudi Arabia and Israel are now open.  The topic of discussions deals with the changed U.S. Government and the Iranian nuclear weapons program.  It’s common knowledge that Israel has nuclear weapons and they will NOT allow Iran to be armed with them as well.  From what is known, the Iranians could be within 18 or so months away from having a weapon.  The question is what will President Biden do if war breaks out in the Middle East?  Who is America’s friend, the Iranians with a national motto of “Death to America” or Israel who has been at our side as a friend for 73 years?

So why is control of the “football” suddenly so much in the focus through the haze of the CCP virus?  Who will be President if or when this happens?  Do we stay neutral?  Do we support Israel and her Arab allies?

What’s really going on? A true story:   I had the honor and privilege to share a few beers in 1968 with a member of the 5th Special Forces (Green Berets) in a place called Vietnam.  I had asked him if he thought an “atomic bomb type war” could start over Vietnam?  He said, “Naw, if that is going to ever happen it will be in the Middle East.”  These days, to me, that memory is as chilling cold as hell is hot!

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