Decoding “White Supremacy Culture” Verbiage. Part I

March 15, 2021   |   by Eriс

Occasionally one gets to do some seriously dirty work around the house. Don thick rubber gloves, perhaps a mask; hold back the vomit urges while seeking to unclog gravely blocked toilet or remove a dead stinking rat. It just about describes how we feel while attempting to decode, to dissect the lingo of Marxist hate aimed at the heart of American society. It gives us no pleasure, but we must try to show what it really means. Hard to understand, ambiguous empty verbiage put together with a single purpose in mind – to put down and destroy the lives of the good working men and women of America built upon their European heritage and values; because they made something of themselves, their families and subsequently – of this country.

Perhaps as others before us, we want to look into these “accusations” using their words and sharing our views. One needs not to be a social or political scientist; an earnest attempt to scrub this smelly pile will do just fine for now.

It would not be entertaining; perhaps even boring at times. But wouldn’t the inquiring minds want to know?

The language you are about to read is confusing and incomplete; alluding to things far outside subjects they talk about. The Marxists’ intent is to humble the masses. It’s about “ultimate truth revealed”; brainwashing that results in cult-like, religious following without further questions. To make you feel like you “belong” to the movement bigger than oneself. Creating a rebellious attitude toward the “white” oppressors. It is a cult. Submissively following its leaders they will grant you powers like you’ve never had. Like communism or socialism promises, a blatant lie, of course.

You can put references to the people of color, below, on a back burner. Much of it isn’t about them. It really isn’t even about race until the very end. This is about power and dismantling existing societal norms they termed “white supremacy”. They needed an enemy and an underdog. The ideologists needed antitheses. So they chose to amplify “discrimination” and use it as a battering ram to bring down the society we live in. No one cared to ask black Americans if they felt oppressed and subdued by the society before this concept was born. It wasn’t a point. They needed indignation, a fury and revolutionary clash. So the conflict they ignite, like a forest fire, could begin its own disastrous existence. This is dangerous, hideous and devious ideology.

It’s going to be a long read, divided into four parts.

Let’s dispense with some polite and politically correct niceties.

Down, at the most basic level, it’s your own brain that gives orders to the rest of the body. Without that “boss” you will not function, achieve and survive. No social mechanism, be it a state, a business or even a family can exist or prosper without a guiding hand. You can utilize some “collective think”, but ultimately the top person carries the burden of responsibility for success or failure of any endeavor. Our enemies want to substitute this notion with some “communal duty” – which is a lame crack at introducing an outside body, a “state”, if you wish, into one of the oldest working models on Earth. This is what the socialists want – do away with a person and introduce a “collective”, a group, a state; to take over one’s personal responsibilities. Been there, done that. Think of ex-USSR and the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe. Socialism’s political teachings, always imposed by force, run contrary to human nature. None of them succeeded in building better societies. Now, the Democratic Party here become socialists. Do you begin to see the path? Welcome to Socialism 101.

The following comes with from the propaganda manual of sorts, titled “Dismantling Racism:  A Workbook for Social Change Groups” by racist leftist ideologists Kenneth Jones and Tema Okun. It was first published back in 2001, but we didn’t notice. Under normal circumstances we wouldn’t read it even if you paid us. But with a purpose in mind we went through some of the excerpts from this timeless mesmerizing masterpiece of hate and manipulation. You can find it on the Internet. Mind you, this is now the part of “Wokeism” and the Awoken generation thinking. We also borrowed some “explanatory” texts from a presentation (place and time unknown) by Richard A. Carranza, New York City Schools Chancellor, who promotes these vile views throughout New York City school system (poor kids!)

Like us, many of you trying to read this opus would perhaps have limited comprehension of the points these people are trying to make. God knows how they came up with these “thoughts”. They are attacking the “white supremacy culture” and want to see it gone. The ideologists think they found some chinks in our collective societal armor and launched an attack against perceived vulnerabilities. When one cannot find real faults, one should invent them, shamelessly. Truth doesn’t matter to them one bit.

Anything in boldface, with the explanations (sort of) that follow and the bulleted entries are THEIR text excerpts. It is provided ‘as is’. We had hard time reading and making sense of it. Our crack at analysis and explanation of this dangerous nonsense is below each section of the bulleted stuff. Enjoy.

So what are we collectively being accused of?

  • Perfectionism
  • Sense of Urgency
  • Defensiveness
  • Quantity over quality
  • Worship the written word
  • Only one right way
  • Paternalism
  • Either/or thinking
  • Power hoarding
  • Fear of open conflict
  • Individualism
  • Progress is Bigger, More
  • Objectivity
  • Right to Comfort


“Perfectionism” – Giving undue focus to the shortcomings of someone or their work or viewing them as personal flaws. Making a mistake is confused of being a mistake, doing wrong with being wrong. Little appreciation expressed among people for the work that others are doing; appreciation that is expressed usually directed to those who get most of the credit anyway

  • More common is to point out either how the person or work is inadequate.
  • Even more common, to talk to others about the inadequacies of a person or their work without ever talking directly to them.
  • Mistakes are seen as personal, i.e. they reflect badly on the person making them as opposed to being seen for what they are — mistakes.
  • Making a mistake is confused with being a mistake, doing wrong with being wrong.
  • Little time, energy, or money put into reflection or identifying lessons learned that can improve practice, in other words little or no learning from mistakes.
  • Tendency to identify what is wrong; little ability to identify, name, and appreciate what’s right

On the surface, these look like rightful grievances. The working folks are the oppressed class (per Karl Marx). We even felt pings of sympathy for anyone who might find themselves in any of the above situations. A stern, unforgiving boss who has no appreciation for the work you are doing. Sounds familiar? Feel the anger? That’s the whole point. Societies are not built by people who error. Life is about people who are ultimately correct in the course they charter. Tell us “medical mistakes” are just that – mistakes – when a surgeon is doing a complex operation upon you. Can you forgive a deadly error by the flight crew landing an aircraft, with you on board? No! All has to be perfect, or we cease to exist.

None of the statements made above are, in our view, may apply to EVERY work situation. They just don’t. They are brought up to cause universal frustration and hate towards the “white supremacy”, our civilization where doing your job correctly is a norm. Mistakes are unavoidable, but ultimately forgivable if corrected. Every society and business learns from their mistakes. The above makes it sound like they are not. The intent is to twist reality.

“Sense of Urgency” – Prioritizing short-term results without considering long-term implications. For example, sacrificing interests of communities of color in order to win victories for white people.

  • Continued sense of urgency that makes it difficult to take time to be inclusive, encourage democratic and/or thoughtful decision-making, to think long-term, to consider consequences.
  • Frequently results in sacrificing potential allies for quick or highly visible results, for example sacrificing interests of communities of color in order to win victories for white people (seen as default or norm community).
  • Reinforced by funding proposals which promise too much work for too little money and by investors who expect too much for too little

The society we live in is habitually driven by short-term goals. Next quarter financial results are more important to shareholders than what the company might be doing in five years. This is how humans are. Combining long and short-term goals would be admirable to have, alas impossible in every case. All too often we collectively lack wisdom to do just that, or don’t care. So let’s make that into another unforgivable fallacy of the “white supremacy culture”. Decisions implying endless studies by committees of all kinds are preferred to quick thinking that saves the day. The idea here is to make our black citizens angry with those who offer their vision of events vs. socialist approach of politicizing every issue that arises. We wonder what sort of “white victories” these people are referring to. Think the intent here is to create frustration with the leadership of any kind, for not yielding the authority to push any projects forward. Instead, they want groups of outsiders with their own agendas injecting themselves into whatever actions that must be undertaken right away. It’s about power to make decisions, and they want it.

End of Part I.

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