Path to Secondary Regress. Part I

April 12, 2021   |   by Eriс

A definition of regress”: “return to a former or less developed state”. To regress is to return to a former state or condition, and not usually in a good way, it often means a “relapse” or “get worse.” A trend or shift toward a lower or less perfect state: such as progressive decline of a manifestation of disease, gradual loss of memories and acquired skills, reversion to an earlier mental or behavioral level.

First – a bit of history. Most of us know little about this period.

At the end of the 4th century A.D. invading Goth tribes defeated the Eastern Roman emperor Valens. The battle leads to the decline of the Roman army and its ability to stem the barbarian invasions. Soon thereafter the Olympic Games ended when the Temple of Zeus at Olympia was destroyed by fire in 426 A.D.

Tumultuous times have followed

Between the 5th and 7th centuries Greece was part of the Roman Empire and was invaded by Goths, Vandals and other barbarian tribes. Roman rule was defeated and barbarian kingdoms sprung up in its place, starting what became known as the “Dark Ages” in Europe. A debated view of Greek (and European) history points that they continued as nations, but the newcomers seemed to have lost most connections to ancient Greek society. The land that gave us splendid sculpture, law, literature, philosophy, arts and crafts, architecture admired even today had disappeared from view. The world went into deep decline, urban life collapsed. People who herded sheep in the early medieval times had no knowledge of the magnificent civilization that came before. This is what you define as “regress”. They actually went back in time and halted societal development while life and time there needed to sort the world out, in the form of wars and great power struggles.

Fast forward to America of the 21st century.

Modern barbarians who brought us extreme liberal dictate are pressuring our society into sliding backwards, i.e. regress, as we described earlier. It started with demands to level playing field for the “oppressed and downcast”. BLM, ANTIFA, the socialist Democratic Party, progressives of every kind, Marxists and Maoists of every persuasion are slowly but surely removing the elements that make us Americans – free, advanced, forward-moving and forward-thinking. All awareness of historical and cultural experiences – our own and that of other countries – is being ignored or re-interpreted in politicized self-serving ways by a small group of radical people – which grows.

The danger is not in having these regressive views expressed; the great peril is letting them go unchallenged. This menace is having “We The People” becoming so passive and sedated we ignore this danger. Yes, this is happening! It’s such a backward way to proceed. It’s as ridiculous as having members of the Flat Earth Society heading up NASA.

It’s not and should never be a physical or violent conflict of “modernity vs. regression” but rather an intellectual battle requiring the people to become aware and educated about the true nature of what is happening. It’s a struggle of these two worlds: The intellectually educated with understanding of our history vs. the ignorant with no understanding or knowledge of our proud history. It’s the traditionalists with an understanding of the success and prosperity that capitalism brings vs. the liberal socialist progressives movement that has throughout history proved to be a failure on every level and delivers only massive poverty not prosperity. There are more of us wishing for the joy of peace and prosperity then them, but we are not winning. Do you want to know why? They are louder, bolder and outrageously insolent. They have mainstream media at their disposal. They are not afraid to cause a scandal that mainstream media eagerly and widely cover. They push, we don’t. They are unified and we are not.

What matters? They are active and we are passive, all of us. We are busy with our daily lives while someone makes terrible social justice claims, pushes for twisted legislations and your workplace woke-place changes; modifies school curriculums for our children. It only takes 3.5% of the population making demands within any society to change the rules for everyone. Hey, are you listening? We are being driven backwards while we do nothing about it. Our future begins to look like the past we left 200 years behind. Are you ready to accept that? Do you really want to live in Orwell’s 1984?

These new barbarians are here. They want nothing to do with our traditions and way of life. Their goal is to divide us and conquer, to hammer us into submission. Like any conquerors, their ultimate goal is to rule by intimidation; by robbing us of our achievements and making us go down a notch or two at a time. They are doing their dirty deeds as we write these very words.

We are relapsing in these areas, listed in no particular order:

  • Handling of the COVID crisis. This is a global problem and it’s here to stay. We, as law-abiding individuals, contribute to the crisis. The malignant tide may subside in time, but the refuse shall remain on our shores, figuratively speaking. Among the jetsam left – self- and government-imposed “imprisonment” manifested in ways large and small; loss of freedom we enjoyed – under the guise of “saving the population”; an abundance of caution in every activity imaginable – not known to mankind for centuries, if ever; profuse and expanded domination of “virtual” over “real” in business and personal interactions. Why go anyplace if one can safely stay home? Why travel, eat out, date a “live person”, shop in stores, walk, ride and visit? Habits instilled by fear are hard to break. We foresee companies and governments discriminating against the population groups, purely on their vaccination status. It has started already. With new virus strains, daily fear shall continue and little will change as time goes by. What worked once may not work on another virus variant. Who or what will release us from this endless “voluntary incarceration”? We don’t wish to scare our readers into “doom and gloom”. But look around and see for yourself. A society of inmates is hardly a future to look forward to.

  • Racial discrimination. Instead of stamping out racism once and for all, part of our society now encourages it, promotes it; openly makes it a part of hiring practices in the workplace. Black-on-white racism has become part of our daily social agenda, under the pretense of “right the wrong” and can only lead to degradation. Those who yell the loudest, contribute the least. They have nothing to add to civilization, except the perennial sense of being victims. They don’t move our society forward. They prefer to sit on the sidelines and tell everyone who would listen how they have been wronged.

  • Lowering the standards of our education. Vociferous lefties stink to high heavens with their theories how excellence in arts and sciences is “white privilege” and must be abolished. Down with literature, math and music, who needs them anyway? The glorious future at $15 per hour (minimum wage) is so alluring. And it’s just the beginning. Use your imagination and expect semi-competent future managers, teachers, lawyers, doctors and technicians to justify their own ineptness, the lack of education and knowledge by claiming “oppressed” status. People who deny math today may be tomorrow’s poorly equipped engineers and architects. What are they bringing with them to the workforce? They don’t strive or aim to be best. If all they want are municipal jobs someplace for the next 20 or 30 years so be it. But will that be all? The society should be encouraging competition, raising the bar instead of offering the crutch to the healthy. Else the quality of life will surely suffer for the rest of us.

  • Censorship. Thought control is and was a feature of the Communist and Nazi regimes of the past.  Many place in the world like China and Russia this is conducted on a massive level.  It’s coming quickly to America. You can’t speak against the “party line”. You only see and hear news and commentary approved by the single Party powers with the “Big Tech Industries” following along. If you own movies on DVDs and books from another era, do not be in a hurry part with them. How else will you know what the originals looked like? Amazon and Netflix want to have new versions of both, devoid of anything original, historic or in many cases truthful. Much will be edited and/or no longer available. Erasing the past to change the future.

To be continued

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