Modern Doctor Faust, a.k.a. Doctor Fauci, et al

April 26, 2021   |   by Eriс

We have been living under medical and political duress for over a year now. There are many opinions and commentators out there talking about the virus and its impacts, so we generally refrained from writing about it. But this latest PR escapade is the straw that broke the proverbial camel’s back.

Pfizer CEO, one Mr. Albert Bourla, have spoken at last about how they see our future: “A likely scenario is that there will likely be a need for a third dose somewhere between six and 12 months [after the initial vaccination] and from there, there will be an annual revaccination.”

We are not against vaccination. It is supposed to save us from the menacing malady that decimated Earth’s population, scrambled life and stopped mankind’s forward motion in its tracks, at least for some time. But Mr. Bourla’s words opened up an abyss of sorts. Think about what he said. If we read this correctly it means the following: a vaccinated person is no more protected from the virus than an unvaccinated one. Your immunity doesn’t last. In the next virus “wave” no one is safe and you will have to repeat the “stab” all over. Did we read this correctly? Did he really mean it? Covid is not your ordinary flu. The shots given out are to protect you from dying, not from a runny nose or a nasty cough. Yet Pfizer’s statement implies to us just that – this is akin short-term flu shots and must be repeated annually. Hello? Did we hear it right?

Does it mean big pharmaceutical industry found its “golden goose” which assures their bright future forever (a vaccine shot costs anywhere from $10 to $40, paid by the respective governments) – and our own future will be miserable? They would be interested in finding the “final” cure no more than they would be looking forward to lose these amazing fortunes. They cannot let it happen.

It is for that reason the FDA had banned use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in the spring of 2020. A prescription drug that’s been around since the 1940s, first used it to treat malaria. It was used to successfully treat some Covid patients early in the pandemic. It stayed banned until one week after the Pfizer vaccine came out. It is our firm belief that MANY people died because it was not available. In New York, no doctor was permitted to write a prescription for it and no drugstore to dispense it.

The same is now occurring with the drug called Ivermectin. They would rather limit or ban it than let the medical doctors who use it have the final word on its effectiveness. You can find much about it written elsewhere, so make up your own mind.

Covid pestilence have opened up a world-wide lab to the pharmaceutical industry. With very few objections they can test their treatment theories on an entire Earth’s population. It never happened before. Mind you, Pfizer and Moderna treatments are not truly “classic” vaccines; they are genetic treatments, altering your DNA. We are in the very early stages of learning how this will affect our bodies, trigger potential illnesses related to DNA changes, affect future generations’ general health. There will be studies upon studies. Some good will come out as we learn more. They will indeed come up with new treatments of other illnesses. But we cannot blame a single person who is rightfully scared to take a plunge. We simply don’t know. The empirical and anecdotal evidence has not been collected; after-effects have not been studied; anyone who swears this is safe and harmless is missing the point.

A friend of ours from New York’s medical community has a group of patients she observes in an on-going basis. Hers is a sizable group, exceeding 150 people. Most are middle age and elderly. Majority of them had been administered vaccines (we don’t know where or what brands). Her observations: at least 25-30% had some mild post-injection health issues, at least 7 people had developed serious problems that are not going away. One man had occurrence of dermatitis. Most people with issues are in the 50-55 year old group, older people have exhibited fewer problems. Women have more problems than men. While this is highly un-scientific, it gives us a taste of yet-to-be documented topics you would not find being openly discussed by the media or the medical community. They may never be discussed. Or it may be too early in the process. Go figure.

Some countries are attempting to vaccinate their entire populations. Others have no financial means to buy vaccines and are waiting for handouts. Yet others have the money, want to offer vaccination, but cannot get the medicine due to shortages of available manufacturing capacity. At the time of this writing this might be the case of Italy (would you believe it?) We were told they, as a state, gave up large portion of their EU vaccine share to third-world countries. As is much of Europe, its own population is under a lockdown for that very reason. Some people there are willing to spend over 2,000 Euros to get it administered privately and cannot find any offers. Treat it with a grain of skepticism, but if this is happening in Europe, what is going on elsewhere?

And what’s with that “Doctor Faust” business, in this article’s title? For those of you who never heard of him: he is a legendary character originated from a 16th century German tale. Dr. Faust was successful yet dissatisfied with his life, which lead him into making a pact with the Devil, exchanging his soul for unlimited knowledge and worldly pleasures. As Wikipedia puts it “”Faust” and the adjective “Faustian” imply a situation in which an ambitious person surrenders moral integrity in order to achieve power and success for a limited term.” Twenty-first century America has its own “Doctor Faust”.

Our pharmaceutical industry has a face on TV we all recognize. His name is Anthony Stephen Fauci, aka Dr. Fauci. He represents both medical and pharmaceutical establishments in their golden hour. Yet there is so much wrong about him. He is a weasel, skirts many direct inquiries; he is evasive and not truthful. He plays political games at the time politics must be put on back burner in the name of saving lives. One Stu Cvrk has great questions for him, and we all would love to hear the industry’s answers. Afraid, they are not forthcoming, not any time soon. Modern Dr. Faust covers up for the entire Big Pharma, so the gravy train they are on can continue its course. Anything goes these days in the name of public safety.

There is so much more to the picture. Virus’s non-medical aspects at times overshadow the pestilence. When we have time, we will address those to the best of our ability

And finally:

Have a chuckle amidst all this craziness: Russia, which has developed its own vaccine, is working on a version of this medicine that could be administered orally. It will taste like local yogurt. We say they are going in the wrong direction. Make it taste like vodka, so willing patients would line up to imbibe.

Stay safe out there

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