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May 20, 2021   |   by Eriс

Have you noticed? At the time when news media around us is full of dummy stories about race tensions, woke crap and leftist initiatives, we begin to live in our own news universes? Those of us who choose not to open the pages of NY Times, Washington Post and other, leftist propaganda-infused publications; those of us who forgo Fox, CNN, ABC and other news channels, we begin developing our own closed spaces of information that make sense of the world around us.

They want us to read “their” news only. News is valuable product, pushed onto us by Big Tech. It reflects views of those who write and edit, but also select top headlines; news to be included in Yahoo, Google, Facebook and others. This is what flashes in our gadgets, pop-ups in ads, leads us to articles on major news publishers’ sites.

It’s all very smooth, thought-out and convenient; a constant digital diet relating to politics, economics, sports, entertainment and health. If you don’t read one section, you read another. It has always been this way. We don’t much think about this world around us. They expediently bring it to our consumption. Someone else, but not you, puts together this menu. We need not have to do anything, not even think.

But think we must. Lately, the world around us has become more hostile. Intolerance masquerading as inclusion, hate making appearance as “racial equality and diversity”, socialism pouring into our lives in a form of “woke” ideology. With various political initiatives, put forth by our Democratic Party friends. With friends like this, who needs enemies?

If you mindlessly imbibe it all, without critical evaluation, you are in the process of slow yet steady transformation. Let us guess. From a cheerful, mostly care free person, who just lived his life and made the best of it, you have changed over the last year or so. New grim elements have entered your thinking process – how to survive the epidemics, what do they indoctrinate my kids with at school, when will they de-mask and re-open the cities we live in; should you move to another state; what will become of my firearms ownership; taxes on higher earners; increasingly expensive real estate in many parts of the country; population flight from “blue” to “red” states; your voting rights affected by Democratic Party’s shameless shenanigans. The degree of carelessness has fallen off dramatically; the degree of suspicion, impending hardship and feeling of hostility has risen up just as much.

Yet we carry on. Few of us have time to stop, sit down and make sense of it all through intense thinking process. This is not how humans are. Instead we begin to form new reality in our minds. First and foremost, we cast away those whose views are no longer in line with our own thinking. We may say “hi” on social occasions but some people are no longer privy to our innermost thoughts. Some of them made that choice for us, openly forsaking us when they learned of our political preferences. Others display affiliations we can never accept. Yet some others become indoctrinated and re-educated to the point we cannot bear being around them. These people can be our relatives or the formerly closest friends. It is very sad to let them go. They will continue to exist in other universes, just not in the one we are in.

When you see fewer people, you still stay in touch. Through chats, social networks, phone calls, emails, Zoom conferences. By posting photos and making comments, giving thumbs up and “likes”. You want to share the news, small and large. Contribute tidbits that make interactions fulfilling, funny and occasionally sad. Followed by the news of a higher caliber; the bigger picture. News media makes it easy to share links to articles they publish. But what if we don’t read any of it?

Within the last year we found ourselves increasingly isolated from news sources we valued the most. The colorful mosaic of Twitter posts we read has dried up and much was destroyed mostly by Twitter itself. When you have a number of witty, smart, occasionally acerbic people who share not only opinions, but also news, you have valuable sources of information. One could find obscure posts and articles others have discovered before you. Ditto for lesser know domestic and occasionally foreign, English-language publications, not infected by the new American leftist propaganda in vogue these days. Sharp political analysis, smart comments and world news from the vaccine front – not easily found here (they don’t want you to know, it can affect how you think about it). And more.

When Twitter culled most interesting individuals amongst its members for being to the Right in politics and facts, it couldn’t silence them. They all chose other platforms for their wit. We re-discover them and make them a part of our life, again.

This is how we make sense of the world around us. Not from a single source, right, or, God forbid, left-leaning publication but rather a mix of news bits, caricatures, comments, images and videos. It all comes together then.  It is the real, vibrant, untamed and control-free world out there. Your world will be different from ours. Choose what you like, discard anything you don’t. And no, Google can’t inform you what “is news” today. You do. Mosaic has its own innate value. When an element is out of place, there are always others you can rely on. Anything becomes clear only when the subject is covered by multiple sources, the ones you learned to trust. This is how one weeds out fakes and manipulations by making comparisons and arriving at correct judgments. You learn the truth without anyone breathing down your neck; Big Tech and MSM can tell you nothing.

These days, sharing local and global news has become a habit. Only with close friends and relatives; the people you trust and care about. They’ll do the same for you. On several of the messenger services, like Telegram or Signal, where they don’t censor or spy on your thoughts as some others. Open exchanges make for what we call “closed circuit news”. In case you don’t know: “Closed circuit is a circuit without interruption, providing a continuous path through which a current can flow”. It’s where news and opinions are flowing uninterrupted between like-minded individuals; without respective governments or Big Tech censorships, controls and malice. Where dictators and usurpers cannot touch you.

If you don’t have your own “closed circuit news” you are missing out on something important. Learn what is coming down the pike. Stay ahead of the curve. Exercise your brain. Build closer friendships. Light up the way for those who lack ability. Help your kids make the right choices by knowing what they are facing. Make sense of the world’s jumble.

And ultimately, choose your own path in life.


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