The Oafs and Buffoons

June 1, 2021   |   by Eriс

New York City has many problems. Some are the result of poor management, bad decisions and very bad politicking. Our openly socialist mayor Bill de Blasio has just added another, to the ever-growing roster of progressive initiatives aimed at destroying history of this country and the city. All in the name of “racial justice and reconciliation”. It is even called “New York City Racial Justice Commission”, brought about with a single purpose, namely “targeting and dismantling structural and institutional racism” around this town.

Goodbye, good old New York harmony and peace. There comes a body that will seek out causes for outrage, strife and accusations; for American history revision leading to condemnation, erasure, renaming, removal and destruction of the names and monuments they find offensive within the City proper. In time, other tasks may be assigned to the Commission. They are just beginning this pseudo-important voyage of “righting the wrong” under the extremely dubious reconciliation umbrella.

The Commission consists of 11 people, plus one – it is headed by Ms. Chirlane McCray, mayor’s wife. Ms. McCray is black, and so are 6 other commissioners. Out of remaining token members three people represent Hispanic community of New York and two – the Asian one. Under normal circumstances, it would not occur to us to tally the racial composition of this body. It wouldn’t matter whatsoever. But it matters now. There are no whites there. None carry Scottish, Irish, Italian or Jewish last names. The city is home to many people whose ancestry is European, among many others. Voices of varied city’s communities would not be heard when big decisions are on the table. None of them are represented in this questionable body, apparently infected by CRT and socialist ideas.

What gives us the right to speak about them in this manner?

Well, Ms. McCray does. She is the one who spoke how she intends to take a close look at Christopher Columbus square and statue (his discovery of America “brought misery” to American Indians). They will scrutinize the “notorious” slave owners from the 18th century – America’s “founding fathers” Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, whose names and statues are adorning this town. Coincidently, it matters not that Jefferson consistently spoke out against the international slave trade and outlawed it while he was President. Nor does it matter that George Washington freed his slaves in a 1799 will. Those were different times and we cannot and should not judge these 18th century Americans from our 21st century perches. But Ms. McCray doesn’t care one bit.

The same goes for Gracie Mansion (the official residence of the New York City mayors, named after Archibald Gracie, who may have cared for two slaves in the 19th century when it was legal). Famous Robert Moses, the master builder of city’s many infrastructure elements (buildings, bridges, roads and parks) may not be immune: his work “benefitted mostly white people” in the mid-20th century construction projects around town and the suburbs.

Commission’s main task would be to evaluate to what degree statues and infrastructure elements named after the above persons are imbedded with “systemic racism”. It is their intention to uproot racism by attacking it at the very core, which is charter revision. They are supposedly intending to “listen to communities throughout New York City and put forward revisions to end racism and advance true and lasting justice and inclusion for all.” Fat chance if you ask us. It’s just for show and they will do as they please behind closed doors.

Our common historical heritage is at stake here. These people, in vein with Marxist ideas permeating our society now, will find every excuse to rename streets, highways, bridges; remove and demolish statues; to erase elements of different times from our collective memory. Demolishing statues is now punishable under Federal regulations with 10 years sentences. In New York they intend do it in full accordance with the local law. These people have no shame!

Hey, buffoons, leave American History and its heroes alone! You didn’t put them there and they are not yours to screw with. In NYC almost 400-year narration our current mayor, his wife and these faceless bureaucrats are nothing but short-lived moths; they would leave nothing but tiny footnotes in the history rosters. Yet they want to play the race card that can put them on the map. This is surely wrong. Anyone out there who can resist these clowns and the dirty tide? Hello?

It’s not about our black neighbors and historical justice. Let us throw political chant of black Americans “no justice – no peace” in the faces of our Mayor and his cohorts. If this is the racial justice he plans to dispense around town, then there sure isn’t going to be no peace. Reconciliation is furthest from his mind. He is the one wanting to divide, infuse us with outrageous racism and deprive the Big Apple of its hard-earned History. He wants to screw with it, so don’t let him change it.

And while on the subject of city statues: our cultural sensitivities have received a major jolt lately. Twenty-five foot statue unveiled (short Twitter video and pictures – as of this writing the video was watched over 6 million times – original page since removed, but we saved the comments, below) in Rockefeller Center on May 11th; on promenade connecting the famous skating rink with Fifth Avenue. A deformed person with African facial features, holding the torch, akin the one held by Lady Liberty in the Bay of New York. Who decided to put this lout there and why?

The “Oracle” will be there until the end of June 2021. Smithsonian Magazine ran a story on it, describing the art and the sculptor. Most people would not read anything about it. It is simply there. They have to make up their minds just by looking at it.

The sculptor is one Sanford Biggers, Harlem-based artist. A bio we found on the internet speaks of “Biggers shattering binary assumptions, offering viewers a more complex, and truer, picture of the world”. We are puzzled big time. And we are not alone. We found some of the comments about this installation and want to share.

“Oh my God who designed this!?!? This is peak comedy”

“This is one of the ugliest statues I have ever seen.”

“What in the hell is that statue? It looks like an unholy fusion between the Statue of Liberty, the Lincoln Memorial, and an Easter Island Moai.”

“Cletus the Fetus”

“White guy made that he would be run out of town.”

“Well that’s a terrifying way to honor African culture.”

“Torch signifies civilization. Africa’s greatest gift to mankind.”

“This statue should be taken down, it’s offensive in every way”

“What a farce!”

Just so you don’t think these were all made by “white racists” – few choice comments from clear-thinking black Americans, as identified from their Twitter avatars:

“African culture,” really? Africa is a continent with 54 countries, >2000 languages, > 3000 ethnic groups spread across diverse, dynamic cultures. Ever wondered why South Africa alone is called the “Rainbow Nation?” Africa & its people is not a monolith. Whoever advised this?”

“i’m seeing no ‘african culture’ here. all i see is a depressed man and them eyes is like he been on weed or some”

“Who the f..k asked for a statue honoring African Culture in NYC? I know Africans didn’t, so who the f..k was in the room when this was conceptualized and executed? Whoooooo?”

“It’s the torch for me. And the honor of malnutrition.”

“I’m not African. I’m Black American and that ain’t my Culture”

“This statue comes across as demeaning the Afro-American community”

“I have to say, having grown up in Africa, I cannot for the life of me see how this honors African culture. Dear lord.”

Some people not in their right minds thought it would be a great idea to put this in the middle of Manhattan, in one of the choicest locations. 15,000+ lbs bronze monolith is not as much about art as it is about politics. Someone upstairs, in the city government, decided they urgently need to honor black American culture and black sacrifice (think of George P. Floyd, The Thug). They needed both symbol and symbolism (like Lady Liberty’s torch held by this ugly creature, supposedly lighting the way for other nations – which in this case is a lie in every sense). They are scared of the BLM and this is their way to pacify the black Americans of New York, showing them they care. But instead of a tribute, all they could come up with was this ugly toad, which would cause nothing but smirks, surprised looks and muted curses. This is not the way to honor black Americans and certainly not any African culture. No number of art magazine write-ups would change the public perception. What a waste of taxpayer money.

Buffoons in our city government offices. Politically-motivated sculptured oafs in our public spaces.

There goes New York, in the early summer of 2021

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