Betting on the Wrong Horse. Part II

June 18, 2021   |   by Eriс

Continued. Read Part I here.

Over the ages Jews have been forced to move out of countries where they lived. It happened when the places they lived in had become considerably less friendly and they had to exit, fearing for their lives. They were never the accepted ones, only tolerated and used, by various monarchs and potentates. The Jewish people were impacted by the political changes taking countries to the extreme left or extreme right – which is more or less the same if you think about it. Jews have learned to live within just about any society, with almost any neighbors. But when they begin to leave en masse, it is an indication of trouble brewing within the lands they depart from. It so happens that when Jews begin to leave the countries of their ancestry and move to Israel, it is a litmus test for the local scenes. It’s not the sheer numbers of Jews moving that tell the story its the percentages. America is home to over six million Jewish people. Here, the crimes of hate are prosecuted to the full extent of the law; we have many safeguards against racial and religious intolerance. Between the years 2000-2010 only 15,000 people moved to Israel. But over 32,000 Israel-bound people left America in the subsequent ten years. These numbers are tiny, 0.2% and 0.4% of the total U.S. population, respectively. Yet it is a two-fold increase and we don’t yet know what it means. They may be retirees, families seeking desired environment for their kids or those who sense the danger in the air. With things going the way they are in our country, this unlikely emigration is bound to go up. Most everyone is trying to get to live here, so seeing the movement in the opposite direction is disturbing.

Jews have centuries-old mechanism in their genes (figuratively speaking) that tells them when all is not well and their lives and livelihood can be in danger if they stay. When you see this happening and statistics begins to tell the story, you can be certain things are going in the wrong direction. The numbers may be small, as related to the entire country’s population, but they are worth a second look. The people are not acting disloyal to the country of their birth. Often those leaving recognize the changes taking place in the society they live in. These changes may not be for the better. People no longer feel safe; they can’t rely on law and order or the court system. The most common attributes of religious and daily life can no longer be free from anti-Semitic attacks and hate manifestations. They do take notice, even when the rest of the country’s population dismisses what they see as random occurrences, not worthy a second look. Many Jews have learned their historical lessons, while some others did not. Not the first time.

So, what changes are we taking about?

There are very alarming trends out there. The anti-Semitic assaults and insults are multiplying. Some of the same people who promote racist agenda for our country, loot stores and assault law enforcement are also individuals who perpetrate anti-Semitic crimes. If you connect the dots you might be next. Keeping quiet about it isn’t going to work. If you are Jewish, you can’t hide or pretend it would not be about you. It will be.

Among the elements who threaten Jewish lives in this country are the troublemakers chaperoned by the Democratic Party – the “awoken”, BLM, Antifa, anarchists and revolutionaries, even defenders of the Palestinian rights. So, why would anyone of sound mind – who might become a target of their hate – want to be in the same political party with the above clowns?

What is happening with the younger Jewish population of America is indicative of what is happening with our youth in general. “Wokeism”, support of BLM, imbibing socialist ideas, Antifa violence and dismissal of established (and working) capitalist society as irrelevant is happening all over. Lots of young people who have been indoctrinated with the left, radical ideas are embracing this new ideology. Lost are the ethical, religious, political and moral road posts of the older generations. Many young Jews are thinking with their hearts, looking for ways to actively participate in what they view as “new social order”. Well, when you choose to align yourself with people prone to violence, don’t for a minute believe you would be immune. By joining forces with Antifa, BLM and the CRT supporters, they are sowing the seeds of their own future destruction. It may not happen overnight, but, if permitted, will inevitably come, running over lives like a freight train that cannot be stopped.

Democratic Party goals are poisonous. The Democrats of today are not the same benevolent and liberal Democrats (with very few real differences with the Republicans), from the bygone days or the 1970’s and 80’s. 

Supporting the Democratic Party is akin betting on the “wrong horse” and losing money. Long-term repercussions of that vote will negatively reflect upon the Jewish populations here. They literally vote for their own destiny. Those Jewish voters should have voted with their minds, not out of stubborn habit. They will be used and discarded.

Unbeknownst to many, it has all happened before.

Those with the knowledge of history would recognize some traits of what took place exactly 100 years ago. The Russian Revolution of 1917 had destroyed the Tsarist Empire and “liberated” its Jewish population. But the happiness didn’t last. Russian Bolsheviks (another name for Communists) used eager young men and women to establish themselves to power. Jews were among many population groups Bolsheviks used for their ascent, but they were by far the most active. Jews were given opportunities to participate in the “new life”. And they were terribly rewarded for their participation: in the Stalinist purges by the late 1930’s they were kicked out of many government positions they held; filled concentration camps as “foreign spies”, “the enemies of the people” and were executed in the secret prisons by the thousands. We purposely simplify and omit most details; else this would be a very long story. Much is written about it elsewhere. So, what is the moral of this historical narrative? Should you cast your lot with political party that will use you for their own advantage and then discard you as trash being thrown out? We suspect you know the answer to the above question already.

Are you curious who else is “betting on the wrong horse” around here?

Jews are betting on the Democratic Party that is slowly deceiving them. They are betting there will always be someone here to protect them. The Democrats are promoting Marxism, with every kind of ill that ideology brings. This is a very wrong bet for part of our society to make. Progressive characters are betting they can subvert us. They are doing it as we write these words. And finally, many of our country’s largest commercial entities, the press and politicians are trying to move us into the “forever racism guilt-ridden society” mode. This is all very wrong.

We don’t have the powers to look into every person’s soul. It would be imprudent for us to draw conclusions of who, what or where makes the most impact on American society. We let others sort it out. And in the end it don’t matter. What matters, though, is where the entire society is going. Little by little, the temperature is rising. Increased anti-Semitism is not a good indicator.

Wanna bet?

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