Afghanistan Banana Stand

August 21, 2021   |   by Eriс

For those who didn’t recognize the origin of the title for this essay – we borrowed it from Donald’s Westlake “Hot Rock” novel (1970). Once pronounced, the phrase was meant to have hypnotic effect upon someone in his story.

Well, we are hypnotized, reading about and watching what takes place in the land far away, where savages took over the entire country in a matter of days, to instill their unyielding religious dogmas and bloody regime upon millions of people. Our military have fought a 20-year war in Afghanistan, to prevent that from becoming a reality. They were supposed to slowly and successfully withdraw from Afghanistan, under the plan developed by the previous Trump administration, turning over controls to the country’s army they trained and the contractors, to run the place securely – but always with U.S. support and backing – that’s what keeps the wolves at bay. But our current fake president Biden has simply dropped the ball over the entire affair. Was it done intentionally?

He chose to just walk away from Afghanistan. Just like that, walk. Leaving behind nearly 15,000 Americans, good Afghan people, billions of dollars of military supplies – artillery, weapons of all kinds and thousand of tons of munitions; plus vehicles, fixed wing aircraft and helicopters – to fall into enemy hands. They will be used against Americans and other infidels somewhere on this planet in the near future. Many of our military’s secrets and technology will be removed and studied by the Chinese, Russians and Iranians and you can take that to the bank. What they are about to learn will make us very vulnerable.

Biden unilaterally left behind thousands of Americans now stuck in Afghanistan, without orderly evacuation, to fend for themselves. These people will become new hostages to the Taliban and once captured by the fanatics, will tie American hands for good. We, as a country, promised to take care (as in “extract”) the locals who assisted the U.S. Military over many years. It amounts to many thousands of people who are also stuck and have not been taken out of the country. Anyone – former Afghani military men, translators, and others – who get caught by the Taliban, are to be executed on the spot, murdered in cold blood. Ask if Biden and his administration care? No, they do not. The president and his entourage went on vacations while this tragedy unfolded

America had received a massive gut punch in public opinion. The United States now features a “black eye” it gave itself.

We lost the country that will now become a place where 21st century civilization will not apply. Taliban had released thousands of prisoners. Among them members of Al-Qaeda, they will spring into action soon. Afghanistan is to become a source of military conflict with its Central Asia Islamic neighbors (but ruled mostly by the secular governments). Taliban believes in “Islam uber alles”, and will take that notion to the end of the world by sword or persuasion. Watch them do it.

We lost face very big time. This is unimaginable but true. American foreign policy is the laughing stock by our enemies and sadly even our friends who will doubt, for a very long time, any foreign policy commitments made by the U.S. An instant and hard rethinking is taking place in many capitals around the world. Can America be relied upon in the future? When they make promises are they worth anything? Should we look for ways to conduct our political affairs without giving much consideration to the USA? These are big issues. Our adversaries are also looking out on how to gain the upper hand where previously they didn’t dare. All because of America’s totally incompetent and negligent leadership has totally failed to do their duty or live up to the oath of office they swore to. Or perhaps did it their job too well, depending on whether you believe their objective is to destroy the United States’ ability as the only defender in the world capable of stopping the most powerful manmade evil on earth. Fake cheating elections lead to a fake president being elected. They can lead entire countries onto false paths and dead ends; they become enemies to their own people.  Biden and his entire administration, by their action are only capable of lame, helpless, disjointed, dumb “political damage control” that even their mainstream media co-conspirators are at a total loss on how to spin this into anything positive!

To those who say we lost time and money fighting a long war over there and we shouldn’t have been there: fighting Taliban was a tough challenge. We didn’t really fight the religious fanatics. We fought a war against our own ally – Pakistan. It gave material support, guidance, intelligence and shelter to the Taliban. Pakistan is a place where many of the fighters were born and bred. The combatants simply crossed the porous border into Pakistan when things got too hot for them in Afghanistan, for some R&R. US Military or Afghan army couldn’t touch them across the border. How many wars were won when a “peaceful” bordering country supports the enemy? This is not widely spoken about. TV and press didn’t point it out to the American public. To win the Afghanistan war we should have fought Pakistan and the elements of its intelligence services and military that were and are very highly sympathetic and supportive of the Taliban.  If you recall, it was Abbottabad, Pakistan, where Osama ben Laden was getting “rent free,” a large walled elite compound with all the benefits and enhancements of Pakistan most wealthy class. The Obama / Biden administration in a cowardly manner “turned a blind eye” to the evils of Pakistan.  The Russians, in the 1980-90 Afghanistan war, had similar problems, and didn’t leave victorious. We are not military experts, of course, but we don’t turn a “blind eye” and we see the pattern.  It’s very plain to see!

The issues attributed to building the Afghanistan army into an effect fighting force are complex, even more so than they were in Vietnam.  The Afghanistan army required the help and reliance of U.S. military intelligence, logistic support, air support via both Drone and fighter aircraft in both targeted enemy assets and ground support of the Afghanistan Army to bring the battle successfully to the enemy. Most importantly the fighting spirit, courage, determination that drove the action of the Afghanistan army was the knowledge that the most powerful military in the world had their back and was ready to fight with them!  Remove that single factor and you have an instantly defeated Afghan Army. When the Taliban initially went on the offensive first attacking small towns, was U.S. support as mentioned above ordered to “stand-down” by Commander-in-Chief Biden?  For now we will not dig deeper into this very particular question only to say, a 300,000 member armed force trained by the United States military does not collapse within 48 hours into instant surrender. Why did the Afghanistan army 300,000 strong choose to give up and not fight?  Why?  Were they betrayed by Biden and his administration?  Taliban corrupted the politicians and the army, by making small local deals and then bigger deals to take control of the country. Afghans and America will pay a heavy price at the hands of a cunning and unforgiving enemy. How and why this happened will eventually emerge for all to see.  Could this be the beginning of the end of the United States as a world leader?

We have read that religious fanatics are trying to cut deals with foreign governments to get their nationals and the Afghanis who want to leave the host country in exchange for money (East Germany “sold” its political prisoners to West Germany for hard cash in the 1970 and 80’s). We don’t yet know how this is going to play out

We don’t feel like making predictions. Reality will surely overtake any wild scenarios we can come up with. We feel sorry for our country’s reputation these days. It took a very big hit, from which it will not soon recover. Compelling images of scared crowds at Kabul airport and surrounding mayhem will forever be etched in our minds. Not the American people, but Biden and his “Ship of Fools” dropped the ball and America has paid the price, where and how – to be determined but easy to figure out.  Is China’s military now looking differently at re-acquiring Taiwan. After all, the United States and the world did nothing as China breached their agreement with Great Britain and swallowed Hong Kong whole!

But remember, the madness didn’t start on the battlefield. It started at the American election booths, where fraud against American voters was perpetrated. The fraud initiated and executed by the Socialist Democratic Party of America. History has a way of showing us how supposedly unrelated events become highly related.

Don’t fall under the spell of “Afghanistan Banana Stand”. See through it. Demand the truth!  Americans can handle the truth!  Get the answers, so we can all move forward in time, away from this very dark page in our nations’ collective history.

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