Be Damned If You Do – And If You Don’t

November 24, 2021   |   by Eriс

As we move forward on the timescale the world divided over Covid vaccination begins to realize that maybe, just maybe, not all is well with the process.

We read someplace that over 7.5 billions vaccine vials had been distributed. Most must have been administered by now. Earth’s total population is only 7.9 billion people.

Most people don’t possess the gift of in-depth critical analysis. Subjecting everything that occurs to them or around them to mental scrutiny is not their cup of tea. They just go with the flow. It is the same flow that comes into their living rooms from TV screens, MSM barrages and peer pressure from friends, relatives and employers. Also it comes from the governments – on every imaginable level. Vaccinate – and your problems are solved. Trust us!

Family doctors chide us when we tell them we aren’t vaccinated. Yet. One gets that reproachful look speaking about your choices with someone who had the vaccine. It’s akin talking to a parent who knows better. At least they think they do, when in fact they don’t. Repeating an “official” mantra doesn’t make one any smarter or more knowledgeable.

Vaccination is what gives you immunity. At least that was the original definition. As we move forward, it began to change to “protection”; to “some protection”; to “providing some guarantee that you would not die”. It’s a con game. The cardsharpers are gradually beginning to realize that their initial promises would not stand the test of time amidst the billion of bodies and they need fallback strategies. Multiple booster shots to be administered in perpetuity; suppressing dissenting research and views; lies and more lies from TV screens. But you can’t fool all people all of the time. Not on this massive scale. Truth is bound to come to the surface, bit by bit. Those of us who have eyes and ears shall learn. The rest doesn’t need the truth, they will be happy with the TV-induced ignorance.

When the first COVID vaccines were just emerging, we were eager to leave the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) behind and vaccinate as quickly as possible. Every written word from the early developers screamed of “safety” and new “technological breakthrough”. They supposedly knew something we didn’t. Vaccinate and be heavenly safe. If you didn’t, your life wouldn’t be worth much.

Unfortunately, none of them knew the complete truth about what they developed. They still don’t. Lab tests can hardly be equated to the tests conducted in the real world over time. Infinite numbers of variables suddenly enter the equation, skewing the picture. The researchers and creators know everything there is to know about their product, yet they have never seen the entire panorama. It hasn’t been drawn yet. But when you, the developer, had staked your claims, it becomes impossible go back on the promises you made. And neither can the media spreading the news of close salvation; the medical communities accepting Big Pharma press releases. The American FDA (and other approval bodies around the world) rapidly adopts the new remedies under huge political pressures. They can’t stop anything once it gains powerful traction. Oh, let’s not forget the governments of the world who irrevocably cast their lots – by paying for the medications, setting up vaccination procedures, mandates, pressure and propaganda to entice (or force) the people to take the plunge (and the jab). Do you think there is potential for errors, omissions, lack of knowledge or in-depth understanding of what is about to occur? Of course there is. But who’s going to listen to dissenting caring voices? The train has left the station; nothing and no one can stop it or even slow it down now.

We have this habit of relying upon: never to be the first in line to accept new technologies into our life, no matter how promising and advanced they appear to be. We step back to let others walk that path, deal with breakdowns, software bugs and blue screens of death; submerge into commercial assurances of the bright, technology-infused future. It’s just a habit. By not hurrying up, we let the natural progression of things to reveal the truth. Learn from other people’s mistakes (or mishaps) if we could. Then adopt what is safe, reliable and time-tested.

mRNA vaccines are new medical technologies. Not gadgets we can play with. They are substances to be let inside our bodies, irreversibly and irrevocably affecting our DNA, internal organs, reproduction, longevity and health. Tech gadgets can be tossed aside when found unreliable. You cannot toss away the hi-tech mRNA vaccine in your body. They literally become part of you forever. They can save or harm you. Once administered, you lose any say about what they can do to your body. It’s a very big decision of no return. Forever is a very long time. Stories of people suddenly dropping dead or getting incapacitated soon after vaccinations are filling the newspapers and websites.

Does the word “caution” mean anything to you?

Some of us are biding for time, trying not to be the first-wave of guinea pigs of the Big Pharma. We are waiting for the off-the-shelf medications that could bring the epidemics down to a mere inconvenience, on par with common cold or upset stomach. Many don’t care to be subjected to the substances for which NO multi-year exhaustive trials have been conducted, assuring the product’s safety. It simply hasn’t been done. But when completed, years from now, the disclaimers buried inside very small print may very well spell out all those side effects and dire consequences that some of us read about ONLY on specialized tracking websites. Today, the rest of the public and media are being either blissfully ignorant or complicit.

How you deal with the fear of death? This is a very personal, intimate decision you make for yourself and your loved ones. So no one has the right to criticize the “other” side, there is no protection for the “fully vaccinated” from getting sick again and spreading the virus. It’s happening all around us. At the time of this writing vaccines do nothing to stop you from getting sick. This is the harsh reality. Who can we blame for all of this? Blame the un-vaxxed crowd, of course. And punish them – deprive them of being able to go places, take away their liberty and freedom to speak their minds; threaten them with death and incarceration; cut them off from being consumers, voters, patients, soldiers, pilots, travelers, employees and parents. Suppress alternate medical opinions and research. Prohibit “unapproved treatments and medications”. Institute “passports”, “QR Codes”, databases, restrictive laws, lockdowns and police thuggery against all who don’t wear a mask or display lack of subservience and fright of authorities. “What a wonderful world it will be”. Well, this world is here, now.  

It is our most sincere desire that the administered vaccines would save lives; have no negative effects upon anyone’s health, short or long-term. Unfortunately, the facts tell a different story. The further we go, the more information we are going to amass, for that battlefield canvas being painted. No matter what side of the aisle you are on, you may not like the picture and vehemently disagree with the opponents. Millions of people are wishing eternal damnation upon the “other side”.

We happened to think division and distrust are the most lasting and damaging elements of the COVID pandemics.

Stay safe out there.

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