The Dirty Business of War. Part III

May 4, 2022   |   by Eriс

Continued. Read Part I here and Part II here

There comes, slowly but surely, this late understanding that Putin’s Russia must be dismantled. Its injurious policies cannot go on.  And as long as Vladimir Putin is in power, the world is in peril. Not just Ukraine – the entire world. Today there is no universal view how this is to be dealt with, except sanctions; they should choke the economy of that country, limit its ability to wage wars, propagate harmful agendas everywhere it gets a foothold – Middle East and Africa; or in faraway lands like Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. The Russian Federation spawns wars, political instability, and along with oil and gas exports political pressure; it introduces corruption into local scenes and bribes politicians to accept its view of the world. But they have nothing to offer, except killing, robbing and pilfering. Supporting local dictators is as far as it gets. It has plans for other countries and we should have our own plans, to make sure Russia has no plans for us. No country in the world wants to confront Russia militarily on its own territory and we don’t think it is needed at this time. But it is not out of the realm of possibility with demented man at the helm over there. The world should be involved. This cancer must be removed, once and for all. It cannot be left alone, because in several years it will start another war.

No matter how this war ends for The Russian Federation, it will have a lot less money for its shenanigans, and fewer co-conspirators willing to bet their political future on that country. If the world has any brains, they must kick Russia out of the UN Security Council and deprive it of the veto power. Ukraine has brought up a valid point lately – Russia has never made a request for and never officially became a member of the UN; it simply took over the USSR membership. The late USSR and Russia are two very different countries. If the world wants to use this curious legal aberration against Russia, now may be a good time.

It is interesting to note that historically Russian culture doesn’t know how to repent, it is always someone else’s fault, but nobody’s personally responsible for any carnage. This concept is centuries old and is not about to change.  These days the brainwashed war-mongering population demands war and anyone who thinks to the contrary is to be punished, incarcerated or destroyed. They don’t have enough soldiers to fight the war in Ukraine, so they scrape the bottom, offer amnesty to criminals in exchange for donning uniforms and going to the front; 18-year olds are sent into battle and mercenaries are actively recruited in Syria, Libya and anywhere in between. The threat of total mobilization looms large. Its elite had run away to places like UAE, Qatar, Israel, Turkey and Central Asian countries. Their wealth is being discovered and seized all over the planet.

They have issues in that part of the world.

The Russian Orthodox Church physically blesses the tools of war and the army of killers. It never once spoke of peace, calling for repentance or mercy to the opposite side. They are another part of their vicious government.

Russian army is a disjoined criminal gang, bent (or rather ordered) on destruction, murder, plunder and rape. We read of invaders’ imposed starvation in Ukraine, denying rescuers access to bomb out buildings. They are purposely destroying medical facilities; steal anything they can carry – washers and dryers, microwaves, anything of value.

Anonymous hackers group have recently gotten their hands on Russia’s MoD database of the troops fighting the Ukrainian war – with names and domiciles. Someone created a Google-style map with placeholders showing where the soldiers come from. They are mostly from Siberia, plus towns and dirt-poor villages along the Chinese border and the countries in the south. It’s a no-man’s land, nothing much there except tiny places without industry, jobs or future. Those stolen washing machines or blenders must have been treasures they could never afford on their own. Joining the army was these peoples’ ticket to be someone in this world. Regretfully, for too many, it was a one-way ticket.

And finally, some curious (but also sad and ironic) tidbits we picked up here and there:

The Russian Army murdered a Ukrainian man by the name of Ilya Navalny, a second cousin of Alexey Navalny, of the Russian Federation.  This person died for nothing more than having the same last name as Putin’s most vocal (and imprisoned) political opponent, at the hands of his jackals. This isn’t humane.

A Russian military detachment recently occupied Chernobyl, a place of nuclear disaster and ill fame of 1986. They were ordered to dig trenches and subsequently received a lethal dose of radiation from the ground they dug. No one told them what the local environment was about; their old maps did not reflect any of it. All are likely to die.

Turkey in the last 2 months has seen over 1,000 new companies registered on its soil. They are all Russian-owned, created to circumvent sanctions, likely to import foreign goods prohibited into their homeland. The country of Turkey plays both ends.

Russian trucks banned from the EU are likely to obtain Kazakhstan registrations to continue operating in Europe

Over 100 luxury yachts belonging to Putin’s elite had been seized all over the world, along with fat bank accounts, expensive real estate properties and other holdings. As time passes these assets are likely to be liquidated and the funds turned over to Ukraine, for rebuilding that country’s damaged infrastructure. A Marshall-style plan for Ukraine is being considered (not without Western caveats) and seized assets will help fund the project. How ironic: ungodly oil and gas gains spirited out of Russia will pay for the destruction that country wrought.

Anonymous hackers claim they broke into and got their hands on large databases of emails and other internal information belonging to the Russian Orthodox Church, Russian Ministry of Defense, Russia’s Central Bank. The latter may have financial records of which Western politicians were paid with that country’s money. The hackers put out gigabytes of data. In time they will reveal its secrets, and we are certain someone someplace is looking through it as we write this.

Thousands of Ukrainian civilians are being forcefully exiled into Russia’s Far East. Their passports are taken away. Russia is looking to de-populate Ukraine. Orphaned or not, children are being offered for adoption into Russian families, to erase their heritage. Hitler would have been proud of these animals.

The Russian Parliament, a.k.a. Duma had its mail servers disconnected and all data lost, without any chance of recovery. “” domain mail was hosted by, none other than our own It complied with sanctions imposed on Russia and promptly pulled the plug on parliament’s mail, much to the consternation of its members. Have you ever guessed how the U.S. intelligence services knew so much about what was going on there?

The military industries of Russia are stopping production. They are unable to produce electronic and mechanical parts needed for aircraft, rockets and vehicles. Most of it depends on imported components, and imports have stopped, thanks to the sanctions. Ships cannot be built and tanks cannot be repaired. Hurray.

Russian visitors in places still open to them (like UAE and Qatar) are being asked to sign affidavits when buying luxury bags, footwear and clothing, from Gucci, Lois Viutton and other brands. What are they agreeing on? Not to use the purchased products in the Russian Federation. Imagine how it makes “the rich and the famous” feel.

Visitors report eerie quiet arrival terminals in Moscow’s two major airports, previously busy hubs of activity. Major personnel layoffs are in the works

The Russian Federation, until very recently, was a major arms supplier to the Ukrainian Army. Its soldiers abandoned over a thousand military vehicles – fully intact, while in Ukraine. Whether they ran out of gas or simply ran away we don’t know. All this equipment was promptly captured (including ammo) and used by the opposing side which was well familiar with the technology it had recovered. As a bonus, Ukraine now has reams of maps, manuals and secret documentation pertaining to invasion goals and plans.

Western military experts are ecstatic to examine Russia’s super-secret radar technology employed on its latest SU-35 jets. One was shot down, where elements in question survived the impact.

Russian soldiers exiting the war through Belarus have shipped a lot of loot home through a local freight service. Until disconnected, shipping store cameras have captured the images of the stolen goods (like microwaves, TVs, computers and other assorted goods. As a bonus Internet videos reveal faces of Russia’s marauders waiting in lines. It must be priceless to find one selves on the Internet. For some reasons, lots of parcels never made it to the desired destinations.

How do you throw away your country’s future? By acting stupid, seeking “greatness” and paying for it with every penny of state’s future earnings. In the end Russia wins nothing – zilch. Certainly, there would be no Ukrainian ownership. Russia’s own economy is about to be destroyed, the army surely to be decimated, and they are the toxic untouchables. There will be no imports or export of anything anymore, except oil into China and even that is dubious. They have no friends on this planet. To them the entire world is one big enemy. Expect upcoming misery, political upheaval, hunger, shortages of just about everything, industrial collapse, raging unemployment, social stagnation, possible internet disconnects, war tribunals ruling against them, reparations levied, loss of its own upper and mid-tier population to emigration, capital flight, total disconnect. Unable to travel, dock and land most places. There are already trade stoppages. The crime is to worsen. Russia shall undoubtedly carry the ugly reputation as the “land of murders and rapists”. All on display, there is no denying. Annual inflation is already over 30% and that is just the beginning. What have they won?

Around 550 BC, there was the Kingdom of Lydia (where Turkey is now). Its ruler was a man named Croesus.  He was known throughout the world for his incredible wealth. He wanted to start a war and sought to be assured of its outcome.  He received the answer in the “Delphi Oracle” that gave him this prediction: “If Croesus goes to war, he will destroy a great empire”. He did – and destroyed his own empire in the process.

We think Vladimir Putin heard a similar opinion from someone before going to war against Ukraine.

History occasionally likes to have a chuckle. That ancient story is about to repeat itself in our times.

And that’s all for now. We support Ukraine’s noble epic fight and so should you.

Stay safe out there.

End of Part III

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