It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Part I

October 21, 2021   |   by Eriс

The name of the hilariously funny movie from 1963 is the best way to describe the madness engulfing us all. The name fits, yet there is little to laugh about. The crazy twister has no intention of stopping and is likely to gain strength as it moves along.

It swirls around like a hurricane, sucking in entire countries; scientists, politicians, news media and Big Tech corporations, medics, gun manufacturers, entire industries, logistical chains, governments and military, budgets, tyrannical leaders and freedom-loving people, insane lefties, BLM and its followers and God knows who and what else.

The world we knew and loved is broken, wrecked – like a wound-up toy with a busted spring inside. Think about it. Something we all relied upon is no longer dependable or even predictable. Madness, like pestilence, has spread everywhere, into societies and human lives. We’d love to be optimistic about the outcome, but there is no end is sight. Those in power say and do stupid things, leading to madness perpetuating itself. Long chains of events like that can eventually lead to major world or civil wars; serious political tensions, calamities and revolts. The pressure must be relieved somehow, and we don’t get to chose the method. Once the firestorm starts, it wouldn’t quit, until supplies of oxygen and timber are gone. There are plenty of both in the world today. You don’t believe us, do you?

Well, here’s something for your mind to munch on, in no particular order.

Canada is stopping all unvaccinated people from flying in or out of the country. Even if you don’t live there, you cannot leave. How crazy is that? The border with the United States remains closed. Some enterprising Canadian “snowbirds” go for helicopter rides to Buffalo airport (USA), for $400 per short flights, so they can travel to Florida for the winter.

Over 70 container ships await docking and uploading EVERY day on the West Coast of the United States. Some have been waiting for unloading for weeks. Collectively they carry around 1 million 40’ containers with goods valued at 140 billion dollars that can’t get to the U.S. consumers on time. Not enough port workers, truck drivers and storage space. Container that used to cost the manufacturers $3K to rent, per trip, now cost $10-20K. Containers cannot be timely returned to their origins, causing shortages. On the other side there are enormous empty container pile-ups waiting to be picked-up, yet going nowhere.  Guess who is paying for all of it?

Some people here who ordered home appliances have to wait for a year to get them delivered – washing machines, refrigerators, dryers and stoves. Car dealerships have extremely limited inventories – some are down to just few foreign-made cars on their lots. Nobody bargains anymore. Want that vehicle? Add 5-7 thousand dollars on top of the sticker price – and it is yours. We hear used cars prices are up 30%. And so is the cost of gasoline, $3.25 for unleaded and $3.90 for premium. Thank that fella in the WH who made it all possible.

People are rising up against vaccination everywhere. Unvaccinated Canadians in Toronto (if we are not mistaken about the video we saw) came in droves to the “restaurant row”, where they are not allowed inside. Hundreds of people nicely sat on the pavement and sidewalks, eating food and consuming drinks they brought with them, in a form of a civil protest. Canada, along with Australia had become the worst offenders when it comes to applying tyrannical use of power against their own citizens. Police arrest protesters and use brutal force against ordinary citizens. In Australia, people are stuck at home and cannot order alcohol deliveries over the government-prescribed limits – excess is confiscated. In New Zealand two guys were arrested for trying to bring take-out KFC orders to consumers and make few bucks. Walkouts at multiple police and fire departments around the country, Boeing employees are planning a big one, and who knows how many more. In our opinion, such governments must be removed from power by hook or by crook; as any other ruling gang anywhere on Earth that divides it population into vaxxed and un-vaxxed; deprives them of access to basic services and conveniences. Fighting the virus is one thing, making countries into ghettos and concentration camps is something entirely different, no matter the goal.

Merck, the pharmaceutical company, is trying to offer new medicine, instead of vaccine, to fight the virus. General consent: it is a “repackaged” and modified Ivermectin. Two major Indian studies of the effectiveness have just been terminated when they found no real health benefits of the new medicine to the public – at the time of this writing. IVM is not being approved for use in the USA for virus treatment; doctors are being told not to prescribe it or stand to lose their licenses. IVM is a perfectly legal older drug, prescription-dispensed by drug stores here for human consumption (and not for animal use). Ivermectin (12 mg tablets) is freely available from India (and made in India), by mail order, without prescription. Do your homework and find a supplier. It cost next to nothing when compared to the USA. Give some away to family and friends, as a smart insurance against the virus.

Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) of Australia officially banned the prescribing of ivermectin for COVID-19 or any other use besides parasitic infections. Read more about it here

Our southern borders are still wide, wide open for everyone and his brother. People as far as Russia fly into Mexico, cross our border and ask for asylum. Not to mention hordes of South and Central Americans, and lately Haitians, walking over and staying. None of them have any legal means of getting here so hundreds of thousands are just marching across the line and then quietly walk out of the camps they are being put in, never to be seen again. Many are unvaccinated against most common maladies and carry untreated diseases. Some of our southern neighbors simply empty their prisons and let their “best” citizens become America’s problem. Democrats will surely gain new voters from the riff-raff that gets here. Biden policies are poisoning America’s population. Our DHS people and border patrols simply cannot stop the “huddled masses” moving here, soon to become public charge. It’s illegal now in New York to use someone’s immigration status against them, whatever that means.

The 18-year-old arrested for shooting three people at Timberview High School in Arlington, Texas, in early October 2021 has been released on a $75,000 bail. Where do they find these crazy prosecutors and judges who permit that?

To be continued

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