It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Part III

November 7, 2021   |   by Eriс

Continued. Read Part I here, and Part II here

After separating from the EU through Brexit, Britain is experiencing gasoline shortages all over. Not enough truck drivers involved in distribution and none are willing to come to the UK from the continent where the salaries are higher. Consumers will ultimately pay for all of it. Formerly employed in the United Kingdom’s economy, Europeans left in droves, back to their respective countries. This shortage is not an isolated event, by no means.

In France, you will have to pay for PCR tests to enter restaurants and other public places. Everyone needs to be tested, but vaccinated don’t pay – only un-vaxxed do. On the other hand Sweden abolishes all coronavirus-related restrictions, after Denmark and Norway.

Red Cross refused all blood donations from vaccinated people. A now-archived document from the American Red Cross (dated June 12, 2021) explains that anyone who takes “any type of COVID vaccine” is “not eligible to donate convalescent plasma” because of the serious risks involved. “One of the Red Cross requirements for plasma from routine blood and platelet donations that test positive for high-levels of antibodies to be used as convalescent plasma is that it must be from a donor that has not received a COVID-19 vaccine,” the document explains. Scientifically speaking, it is critical for those receiving donor blood to have sufficient antibodies directly related to their own immune systems. Tainted blood from vaccinated people does not qualify. But only a month and a half later (public information dated July 28, 2021) they have changed their own tune regarding blood donations. Which one do you believe?

Airline pilots are in trouble. Unvaccinated pilots are facing layoffs. They protest online.

Vaccinated USAF pilots should not be flying. Army flight surgeon urges Pentagon to ground pilots who took COVID injection.

If the above isn’t madness we don’t know what is!

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is modifying its definition of the words “vaccine” and “vaccination” on its website. Before the change, the definition for “vaccination” read, “the act of introducing a vaccine into the body to produce immunity to a specific disease.” Now, the word “immunity” has been switched to “protection.” This is not about linguistics. This is something much bigger and more sinister. They think it’s an attempt to hide the fact COVID-19 vaccines are not 100% effective at preventing coronavirus infection, thus the word “juggling” to avoid future liabilities.

Only 14 (!) days after the last “vaccine” stab you are considered “vaccinated”. If a day after a vaccine you drop dead from a heart attack, “you’re considered UN-vaccinated” & registered as “dead from Covid”. And if on the 13th day after getting the second shot you croak, you’re still being counted as “un-vaccinated”, according to CDC’s guidelines & entered again as being dead from Covid. This way soon-after jab-related deaths can not be counted as such, lowering Adverse Side Effects… People no longer die of heart attacks and other illnesses – it is Covid all over. Must be good for hospitals, bad for insurance carriers.

They are beginning to spread lies that heart attacks among young people is statistically normal. In reality, this is the most common consequence of blood clotting which comes after the vaccine is administered. Perfectly healthy young people don’t have to die!

OnlyFans online platform, where customers fulfill their sexual fantasies with a performer of their choice have become extremely popular. Figuratively, the platforms speaks loudly of all the women (and fewer men) who found no other way to make a living (or made an attempt to make one) but through selling themselves without making a physical contact.  It also speaks volumes of all the customers, who could have sought intimacy in the real world, but are afraid of Covid. The number of creators (another name for performers in front of the video cameras, a.k.a. “cams”) on the platform has skyrocketed during the pandemics, from 120,000 at the end of 2019 to over 1 million at the end of 2020. These “creators” are not famous. They are ordinary people trying to make a living by appealing, with an unprecedented digital intimacy, to customers’ fantasies. By itself, OnlyFans doesn’t sustain the majority of performers monetarily. Only a small minority makes enough money to live on. Oh, the crazy times we live in.

The world we live in is unlikely to go back to its previous state, as before the pandemics.

Too many changes, in every aspect of our lives: shortages of products are everywhere; goods deliveries to markets are delayed everywhere; prices are shooting up, economies are adapting to new models, people moving around or being forcefully kept inside their homes. Countries as well as people are reviewing their relationships with each other, governments becoming more and more abusive of its powers towards the population; thousands of businesses large and small simply disappeared, millions of unfortunate people prematurely perished off the face of this planet. Most travel has not resumed to the pre-2020 levels and nobody knows if it ever will. Separating humans into vaxxes and un-vaxxed creates a terrible divide that cannot be easily repaired.

Energy sources are no longer reliable or are in short supply; new “green energy” is in, gasoline is on the way out in a couple of decades (which is wrong in our opinion). Awoken Marxism, CRT in our schools, BLM and Antifa, the way how we view medics and medicines – all causes by the virus, vaccines and the unfolding vaccinations’ aftermath. To many of us vaccinations are not the end; they are the beginning of something. Good for some and bad for the others.

Our world had been considerably destabilized. It was a mad world to begin with, and it keeps on going of the deep end lately. No one knows where we are heading with this.

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

The End

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