My name is Eric. I live in the New York Metro area. Now your know everything about me.

I was seriously troubled when my quiet peaceful world was turned upside down recently. A thug died while detained by police. And suddenly my country exploded in the vile paroxysm of black-on-white hatred, going much beyond anything we have seen. It was as if a primordial volcano opened up and spewed a billion tons of boiling noxious lava that engulfed the entire continent and touched other countries.

People marched against racism. And they marched. For weeks they did. It dawned on me these are not regular people expressing their anger. This was something else entirely.

The truth had revealed itself quickly. What we initially perceived as marches, was in fact a revolt. A Marxist-organized revolt masquerading as ‘peaceful protest’. With full complement of looting, burning and objects throwing at law enforcement. The assholes laid in ambush and jumped at an opportunity to strike. 

Hate abound. The wave of hate was unleashed against the white population. Unprovoked hate. Without mercy. Beatings, assaults, attacks on the elderly. If caught, attackers would be let go.

Our illustrious media keeps portraying this is ‘peaceful’. It is anything but.

I cannot agree to this madness. I wish to speak my mind, freely. To expose evil and do something about it. Except there is one small problem. For the longest time, conservative voices in the United States of America are censored, banned, squashed, gagged and expunged. One would not last 5 minutes on Twitter and Facebook with an honest, politically incorrect opinion. One would be branded a ‘racist’. There are few platforms you can go to SAFELY express your views. Threats, lies, intimidation and noxious hatred are all you can expect from the progressive, liberal, left-oriented crowd and left-oriented press.

I chose this format. I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission or be subject to censorship.

I’m not a racist, never been one. And I cannot be silent in full view of the socialist revolution unfolding in front of us. If I keep quiet, it means I condone the future these people have in store for me and my fellow citizens. The madness is not going away any time soon, so one has to fight it.

If not now, then when? If not me, then who?

This is my little war. I pray we never have to solve our differences with guns, but there are no guarantees if things move in the direction of lawlessness and mayhem. But words and ideas would do for now. Those who started this had their opening salvo.  The rest is up to us.