Decoding “White Supremacy Culture” Verbiage. Part IV

March 30, 2021   |   by Eriс

We are continuing with analysis of the “woke” dogma

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“Progress is Bigger, More” – focusing only on the bottom line and tangible growth. “Progress is an organization which expands or develops the ability to serve more people”, those with this mindset think.

  • Observed in systems of accountability and ways we determine success.
  • Progress is an organization which expands (adds staff, adds projects) or develops the ability to serve more people (regardless of how well they are serving them).
  • Gives no value, not even negative value, to its cost, for example, increased accountability to investors as the budget grows, ways in which those we serve may be exploited, excluded, or underserved as we focus on how many we are serving instead of quality of service or values created by the ways in which we serve.

Our critics deride progress because, in their opinion, it exploits or excludes those they wish to attract into their camp. We all are the beneficiaries of mankind’s progress. Except those they call the “underserved”. By that they mean people who cannot enjoy the general progress benefits and its reach for political or economical reasons. This ideology wants the poor and “oppressed” to reject the progress that passes them by. They desire to talk about the importance of ‘means to the end”, not the final results of civilization advancement. Switching accents commences their discussion of how poorly society accounts for moral costs of progress, resource utilization and the future of those who are the beneficiaries of wealth being created. They are really not interested in success of the humankind. They aim at starting a controversy and political fights with different goals in mind. “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, critique”.

Getting through this thick forest of twisted concepts is hard on one’s brain. One is not supposed to understand any of it. Much like anything else it their ideology, this is a sort of mantra. Repeat it a number of times and it becomes etched in one’s mind, without critical analysis or even minimal comprehension. Once you subscribe to their vision of the world, you are “Woke” and angry, which is the ultimate goal of these perpetrators.

“Objectivity” – This can lead to the belief that there an ultimate truth and that alternate viewpoints or emotions are bad. It’s even inherent in “the belief that there is such as thing as being objective”

  • The belief that there is such a thing as being objective.
  • The belief that emotions are inherently destructive, irrational, and should not play a role in decision-making or group process.
  • Invalidating people who show emotion.
  • Requiring people to think in a linear fashion and ignoring or invalidating those who think in other ways.
  • Impatience with any thinking that does not appear logical to those with power.

In our world being objective means being fair. Objectivity is one of the key elements in anyone’s life when judging oneself, others and the situations one gets into. Most of us base our judgments on our upbringing, life’s experiences, our cultural and religious values in being impartial and not letting our feelings get in the way. It’s not always possible, but we try when we aim at being objective. Objectivity is equated with calm demeanor and cold, pure reason. When someone’s yelling at another person over something, it’s hard to imagine he’s being objective or calm, or even reasonable. We happen to think that the key element of this accusation lies in the “invalidating people who show emotion”. They want to have the right to yell, beat, destroy – and being considered “objective” in their anger by “those with power”, correct?

Let’s set aside emotions caused by deep feelings for another person, we are not questioning them. Attacking anything that makes us a peaceful society of people who can live with each other is what this is about. Emotions are a sign of distress, of rage or despair; of unruly behavior; of danger and even occasional impotence. Objectivity and emotions don’t go hand in hand in making decisions of any kind. There are certain acceptable norms of conduct; our enemies want none of these. We think their ultimate goal is to bring forward their “revolutionary” thinking and substitute it for objectivity, without having to explain anything to anyone. The “white supremacy” must go and this is one way of getting rid of it and they are already doing it, look around.

“Right to Comfort” – Those in power may believe that they “have the right to emotional and physiological comfort,” while denying the same to those not in power.  This also covers cries of reverse racism because that’s “equating individual acts of unfairness against the white people with systematic racism which daily targets people of color.”

  • The belief that those with power have a right to emotional and psychological comfort (another aspect of valuing logic over emotion).
  • Scapegoating those who cause discomfort.
  • Equating individual acts of unfairness against white people with systemic racism which daily targets people of color.

And now we have finally gotten to the final truth in their “temple of holy thinking”. Our adversaries want reverse racism to be the guiding principle of the future they have in store for all of us. The “racist” American society must be done away with. They want to disrupt our lives; to make us feel uncomfortable by the “revolution” they relish to unleash upon our society. In the vile views they spread we, as a nation, are guilty of constant racial discrimination of the people of color. That is a lie of course, much like the entire “critical race theory”, but it doesn’t stop there. Its ultimate goal is to do away with America we have and impose reverse-racism regime. Not to right the wrong, but to pay us back, with interest of hate that includes division, separatism, discrimination and Marxist values. They want us to be “less white, less arrogant, less certain, less defensive, less ignorant, and more humble (from Coca-Cola racial sensitivity seminar)”.

They want the “Woke” to be angry. Those people who invented this desire to be in power using the “revolution” to upend our lives. To deprive us all of our “comfort” we call the “American way of life”. It is about wishing us misery, non-stop revolutionary struggle against “ever-present racism” and invalidation of everything we built. They can hide behind the benign-looking, poorly understood words, but the essence of what they propagate is destructive and despicable. “Awoken” are staking their claims on America, its children and their minds. On people of power who begin to embrace the new brainwashing “woke religion”, to conduct socialist experiments in the United States. On low-life riffraff who use these theories as the basis for their anti-social conduct. When arrested, they are being let go by the “Woke” prosecutors. That future is already here, today.

We offered you our views and comments on the above. You are invited to critically assess what you just read and draw your own conclusions. Disagree with the views expressed? Wish to add anything? We await your commentary. “He who comes afterwards let him do it better than me”.

Don’t sit on the fence and view the foregoing as something that doesn’t apply to you. It does, all of it, now. We, the people, are very much divided and on our own, without guidance or leadership on how to battle the foregoing. Each and every one of us must take our individual stand if we are to stay a free nation and protect that which was gifted to us in the United States Constitution.

We implore you to resist these dogmas with everything you are.

The End

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