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June 26, 2021   |   by Eriс

“Thinking is not allowed in a totalitarian state”
Candace Owens tweet, @RealCandaceO, May 27, 2021

Life is an unending stream of choices one makes. When you are young, your parents choose your clothing, toys and the school you will be going to. When you grow up, the choices you make are about your future occupation and that “significant other” in your life. And so it goes, non-stop. The selections one makes lead to better places, better company and finances – or down the wrong path, where daily survival – not living – will be your “modus operandi”.

These days one of the most important personal picks an individual can make is to decide for or against the COVID vaccination. On the surface it’s simple. Everyone and his brother are telling you to get “a stab”. Get vaccinated, so you live and don’t die, don’t infect others; so you can travel, shop, date, eat out, visit friends, go to concerts, stop wearing mask and prove you are an upstanding citizen that you are. Everyone is telling you it is your duty; that vaccine is safe; it is free and readily available; we need herd immunity that comes with numbers. Just do it and forget it.

So why are there so many people who shy away from this long-awaited “FREE and SAFE” opportunity to leave the worries behind; to enjoy life as before and do their civic duty?

More than anything, immunizations are about trust on part of the doubting public.

Herd immunity creates herd mentality. Being a part of a herd implies you don’t think or question anything; you all run in the same direction out of fear or because everyone is doing so. Shepherds steer you in the right path and you mindlessly obey.

The decision to vaccinate is a personal one and cannot be doubted. One does what he thinks is best for himself and the loved ones. One weighs the risks and decides to vaccinate. It provides peace of mind and gives hope that life will be going back to normal, eventually. Everyone is tired of restrictions, wants them to end. Everyone does like everyone else; it’s a no-brainer.

Fortunately, independent thinking has not yet been canceled or abolished. Many of us don’t partake in what we hear or see without asking important questions of ourselves and of those who tell us what to do. This is our right. It is our responsibility, not anyone else’s. Authorities on all levels assure us all is well. Moreover, the people in power don’t want to hear any dissenting opinions. Just look at Twitter and Facebook. Any voices expressing even the slightest doubt about safety or efficiency of vaccination are silenced, posts removed, accounts suspended. Medical doctors expressing their professional opinions – when those views go against the “party line” – are threatened with loss of licenses, so almost everyone is fearful to speak out about what they know. It reeks of totalitarian state model.

Hey, people: shut up and do as you are told. We, the government, will make you healthy and happy even if we have to ram medicine down your throat, you poor bastards. It’s all for your own good.

But you know what? The more they yell, the more some of us begin to feel like there is something else there, besides the public good. Information censorship is not acceptable when your life is at stake. Vaccines may resolve a short-term problem (stop deaths), at the same time introducing a long-term one (health complications down the road). Not to mention post-jab health issues in large number of patients (search for “covid-19 vaccine” in the database and open “Adverse drug reactions (ADRs)” tab). Did you just say “these are statistically small occurrences”? So, what would you say if it happened to you? Suddenly, it is not so simple.

Anyone who states that vaccines are safe and effective must know something we don’t or they lie. Vaccines may be safe to administer, and most people may acquire immunity for a period of time. But nobody and we mean nobody in this world can accurately predict how mRNA technologies will affect our bodies in time; cause long-term changes in our DNA and possible subsequent complications; or produce the right antibodies to meet new strains of Covid. The gargantuan worldwide experiment is very much in progress. There are open questions that will remain open until science acquires knowledge about the subject. It takes time to collect data, do observations and analytical work, conduct studies and finally – release information to the public. It literally takes years. Until that time nothing is a known fact. No amount of screaming at the “undecided”, shaming them into submission, threatening with job firings, barring admissions to wherever establishments; curtailing travel and dividing our population into “haves” and “have-nots” will work. Censorship, coercion, propaganda, forced masks and public opinion manipulation gets us nowhere. Many people would rather choose to live off the grid than become slaves to oppressive “law-like” regulations.

Some of you out there are taking extreme positions against the “undecided”. Unvaccinated must have no rights and should be banned from everywhere, fined, expelled and fired, ostracized. They are a danger to society, right? The humanity should have no tolerance towards them, none whatsoever. Pretty much “vaccinate or die”, kind of attitude. What sort of fruit will this prejudice bear?

If you have been vaccinated, why are you angry at people who were not? You have protected yourself against infection. With immunization in place, you have done the very thing that matters to you. Why do you care if someone hasn’t joined “the vaccinated crowd” and is at risk of contracting the disease? It should no longer be your concern, you are safe. Or are you?

We are swimming in a sea of hate against the unvaccinated population. Why do we all permit MSM to propagate this insane detestable logic without anyone seriously questioning it?

Vaccinations were still voluntary, last time we looked.

The government and businesses must realize they are creating a second-class level of citizenry with how they are handling the vaccination issue.

These people are the ones who can no longer travel, seek medical care (unvaccinated patients may not be admitted), wouldn’t be employable where vaccination is a requirement. How smart is it alienating large numbers of taxpayers, voters and members of the buying public? Do we want an “alternate society” in our midst, a ghetto of sorts? And what good is “herd immunity” if it can’t sustain the “other half”? The politics of intolerance will eventually back fire, on all levels. Are we aiming to have millions of disenfranchised citizens whose only guilt is that they “object to inject” themselves with experimental substances? We, as country, better not take that route.

Of course, those who choose to abstain are at risk of getting sick. But not everyone abstaining does it on a whim. If you had Covid, you should have antibodies already. A friend of ours was sick with Covid in the lightest form, and the illness lasted 7-10 days. He knew it was Covid because he temporarily lost his senses of smell and taste. Afterwards, the doctor told him he does not need to vaccinate. Interestingly enough, a test few months later have shown no antibodies present in his bloodstream. The latest medical research at the time of this writing reveals how some people fight the Covid sickness with the immune system-produced T-cells alone. It may have been his case. You didn’t know it was possible, did you? This is just a small example of how much we have yet to learn. My friend doesn’t want get vaccinated now, he doesn’t have to. So, is he a villain or a good guy in your book? How many people out there are like him? Who has the right answers?

Covid is a medical, ethical, financial and political issue, all rolled into one. It is as much about cure as it is about population control and big bucks going to the pharmaceutical industry. It had revealed fissures and tensions in many societies; pitted people against governments, people against other people. Survival became a matter of personal decision. Current vaccines may not protect us from future virus strains; everyone will have to re-vaccinate every few months. How good is that? And treatments alternate to vaccines are already available; more are coming. Think about it: when staring death in the face, some people choose to accept the first offered remedy, while some others wait for the cure they can trust. This is not done out of stupidity, callousness or ignorance. It’s a conscious decision and should be respected. These people want to live just as much as the rest of us. They just don’t want to become “small statistical probabilities” of vaccine-induced health complications and deaths. No amount of peer pressure, propaganda, public shaming and discrimination will change that. It is their choice.

These people may not be wrong after all. And who knows? They can be the ones with the last, sad laugh.

Update: This essay was completed when we learned of an interview given by the mRNA technologies’ inventor, Dr. Robert Malone. Google has deleted his Youtube video discussing risks of the newest vaccines. Watch his interview with Tucker Carlson and make up your own mind about the subject

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