December 7, 2021 | by Eriс

Fear In – Fear Out

Have you noticed just how much fear has begun dominating our daily lives? Not the fear of something that would cause pain and discomfort. More like that primal, innate, evolutionary fear programmed into our brains.

Fear as instinct was given to us by Mother Nature to improve human survival, as an evolutionary tool. Unfortunately, fear is bad for you. Like an acid, it erodes one’s self-worth, deprives you of clear thinking and fast acting; it introduces stress which can lead to heart attacks and psychological trauma. It is also a dreadful advisor at the time of trouble.

We are living through perilous times. Yes, an unfortunate set of ALMOST natural circumstances that just happened, affecting most of the worlds’ population. Western world lost its generally careless, free-wheeling life – where things were simple, affordable and available if you worked or ran a business that paid your bills. You didn’t have time to think about domestic politics, lack of products on the shelves, long delays for something you ordered online, pandemics (“what’s a pandemic?” was probably a good question without a specific answer in early 2019), “woke” pestilence, black racism, perennial guilt that white people must carry around forever. You didn’t have to think much about price of gas or what they taught your kids in school. Neither were you concerned about China, which was another country where they sold you low-priced products on eBay. Marxism was not something to fear – it was just another political theory and ideology from the twentieth century – it failed everywhere they tried it; Marxism had no place in your life.


November 24, 2021 | by Eriс

Be Damned If You Do – And If You Don’t

As we move forward on the timescale the world divided over Covid vaccination begins to realize that maybe, just maybe, not all is well with the process.

We read someplace that over 7.5 billions vaccine vials had been distributed. Most must have been administered by now. Earth’s total population is only 7.9 billion people.

Most people don’t possess the gift of in-depth critical analysis. Subjecting everything that occurs to them or around them to mental scrutiny is not their cup of tea. They just go with the flow. It is the same flow that comes into their living rooms from TV screens, MSM barrages and peer pressure from friends, relatives and employers. Also it comes from the governments – on every imaginable level. Vaccinate – and your problems are solved. Trust us!


November 7, 2021 | by Eriс

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Part III

Continued. Read Part I here, and Part II here

After separating from the EU through Brexit, Britain is experiencing gasoline shortages all over. Not enough truck drivers involved in distribution and none are willing to come to the UK from the continent where the salaries are higher. Consumers will ultimately pay for all of it. Formerly employed in the United Kingdom’s economy, Europeans left in droves, back to their respective countries. This shortage is not an isolated event, by no means.

In France, you will have to pay for PCR tests to enter restaurants and other public places. Everyone needs to be tested, but vaccinated don’t pay – only un-vaxxed do. On the other hand Sweden abolishes all coronavirus-related restrictions, after Denmark and Norway.

Red Cross refused all blood donations from vaccinated people. A now-archived document from the American Red Cross (dated June 12, 2021) explains that anyone who takes “any type of COVID vaccine” is “not eligible to donate convalescent plasma” because of the serious risks involved. “One of the Red Cross requirements for plasma from routine blood and platelet donations that test positive for high-levels of antibodies to be used as convalescent plasma is that it must be from a donor that has not received a COVID-19 vaccine,” the document explains. Scientifically speaking, it is critical for those receiving donor blood to have sufficient antibodies directly related to their own immune systems. Tainted blood from vaccinated people does not qualify. But only a month and a half later (public information dated July 28, 2021) they have changed their own tune regarding blood donations. Which one do you believe?


October 25, 2021 | by Eriс

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Part II

Continued. Read Part I here

To have a nation with borders and immigration laws is “unconstitutional,” according to a radical Florida judge. If this is not a wake-up call about the irremediable corruption of the judiciary, then nothing ever will be. A federal judge struck down parts of a Florida law aimed at banning local governments from establishing sanctuary city policies, arguing in part that the law is racially motivated and that it has the support of hate groups.

You would never guess what parts of the U.S. population are most resistant to alluring vaccination propaganda. Our black citizens are the largest group of resistors. But who is the other? People with Ph.D. degrees, the high achievers and the smartest members of our society. Take heed, they understand something the rest of the herd doesn’t.

If you are unvaccinated in New York City, kiss goodbye any public places and events – like theaters, museums and gyms. Restaurants are permitted to host you only in “outdoor dining sections” (plywood huts built on the streets or parking lots adjacent to the establishments). If you ride NYC subway or bus without the mask, the fine is $50. When you want to fly overseas and possess no proof of vaccination, PCR test done 72 hours prior to the trip would cost you around $200 per person (ditto for the return trip).


October 21, 2021 | by Eriс

It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. Part I

The name of the hilariously funny movie from 1963 is the best way to describe the madness engulfing us all. The name fits, yet there is little to laugh about. The crazy twister has no intention of stopping and is likely to gain strength as it moves along.

It swirls around like a hurricane, sucking in entire countries; scientists, politicians, news media and Big Tech corporations, medics, gun manufacturers, entire industries, logistical chains, governments and military, budgets, tyrannical leaders and freedom-loving people, insane lefties, BLM and its followers and God knows who and what else.

The world we knew and loved is broken, wrecked – like a wound-up toy with a busted spring inside. Think about it. Something we all relied upon is no longer dependable or even predictable. Madness, like pestilence, has spread everywhere, into societies and human lives. We’d love to be optimistic about the outcome, but there is no end is sight. Those in power say and do stupid things, leading to madness perpetuating itself. Long chains of events like that can eventually lead to major world or civil wars; serious political tensions, calamities and revolts. The pressure must be relieved somehow, and we don’t get to chose the method. Once the firestorm starts, it wouldn’t quit, until supplies of oxygen and timber are gone. There are plenty of both in the world today. You don’t believe us, do you?

Well, here’s something for your mind to munch on, in no particular order.


October 8, 2021 | by Eriс

Memories of the Covid Ward

As they say here: “Sh_t happens’. One never believes it will occur on your watch and it will affect one’s life in ways that cannot quite be imagined. But occasionally it does.

We are talking about Covid. Below you will find the kind of “memoirs” one would rather not possess. But life doesn’t ask for permission. It just happens with you or anyone else, seemingly out of the blue. And then you are infected.

It starts small. A bit of slightly irritated scratchy throat (how strange, didn’t have any cold drinks lately, no sitting under cold A/C air). A bit of a runny nose. How weird. You still cannot recognize what is taking place and try to go on with your life as usual. Then you notice a fever. A fever that doesn’t show up in aches and pains one would get when the body temperature goes up. No, you still go on with your life as normal, even when it goes up to 101ºF (38.5ºC). You just stop eating, have no appetite for any food. Your brain is clear, your body works mostly as before, and unless you measure the body temperature, you wouldn’t know. The discomfort is minimal. You sleep normally. This is one facet of this illness that kills so many people. It suppresses body’s immune system reaction. The body doesn’t fight it as it normally should. And by the time immune system recognizes the danger, and the lungs are giving up, it may be too late. We read about it before, but did not connect the dots when it caused us to falter.


August 21, 2021 | by Eriс

Afghanistan Banana Stand

For those who didn’t recognize the origin of the title for this essay – we borrowed it from Donald’s Westlake “Hot Rock” novel (1970). Once pronounced, the phrase was meant to have hypnotic effect upon someone in his story.

Well, we are hypnotized, reading about and watching what takes place in the land far away, where savages took over the entire country in a matter of days, to instill their unyielding religious dogmas and bloody regime upon millions of people. Our military have fought a 20-year war in Afghanistan, to prevent that from becoming a reality. They were supposed to slowly and successfully withdraw from Afghanistan, under the plan developed by the previous Trump administration, turning over controls to the country’s army they trained and the contractors, to run the place securely – but always with U.S. support and backing – that’s what keeps the wolves at bay. But our current fake president Biden has simply dropped the ball over the entire affair. Was it done intentionally?


June 26, 2021 | by Eriс

Freedom to Choose

“Thinking is not allowed in a totalitarian state”
Candace Owens tweet, @RealCandaceO, May 27, 2021

Life is an unending stream of choices one makes. When you are young, your parents choose your clothing, toys and the school you will be going to. When you grow up, the choices you make are about your future occupation and that “significant other” in your life. And so it goes, non-stop. The selections one makes lead to better places, better company and finances – or down the wrong path, where daily survival – not living – will be your “modus operandi”.

These days one of the most important personal picks an individual can make is to decide for or against the COVID vaccination. On the surface it’s simple. Everyone and his brother are telling you to get “a stab”. Get vaccinated, so you live and don’t die, don’t infect others; so you can travel, shop, date, eat out, visit friends, go to concerts, stop wearing mask and prove you are an upstanding citizen that you are. Everyone is telling you it is your duty; that vaccine is safe; it is free and readily available; we need herd immunity that comes with numbers. Just do it and forget it.

So why are there so many people who shy away from this long-awaited “FREE and SAFE” opportunity to leave the worries behind; to enjoy life as before and do their civic duty?


June 18, 2021 | by Eriс

Betting on the Wrong Horse. Part II

Continued. Read Part I here.

Over the ages Jews have been forced to move out of countries where they lived. It happened when the places they lived in had become considerably less friendly and they had to exit, fearing for their lives. They were never the accepted ones, only tolerated and used, by various monarchs and potentates. The Jewish people were impacted by the political changes taking countries to the extreme left or extreme right – which is more or less the same if you think about it. Jews have learned to live within just about any society, with almost any neighbors. But when they begin to leave en masse, it is an indication of trouble brewing within the lands they depart from. It so happens that when Jews begin to leave the countries of their ancestry and move to Israel, it is a litmus test for the local scenes. It’s not the sheer numbers of Jews moving that tell the story its the percentages. America is home to over six million Jewish people. Here, the crimes of hate are prosecuted to the full extent of the law; we have many safeguards against racial and religious intolerance. Between the years 2000-2010 only 15,000 people moved to Israel. But over 32,000 Israel-bound people left America in the subsequent ten years. These numbers are tiny, 0.2% and 0.4% of the total U.S. population, respectively. Yet it is a two-fold increase and we don’t yet know what it means. They may be retirees, families seeking desired environment for their kids or those who sense the danger in the air. With things going the way they are in our country, this unlikely emigration is bound to go up. Most everyone is trying to get to live here, so seeing the movement in the opposite direction is disturbing.


June 16, 2021 | by Eriс

Betting on the Wrong Horse. Part I

“There is no continuity in American life. We reinvent ourselves every twenty years or so.”
This is an interesting, out-of-context (and debatable) thought by John Thorn, historian.

We aren’t experts on Judaism in America and don’t pretend to understand every process going on in this country as pertaining to that part of our population. This is very complex, emotional issue covered by many authors, much more versed in the finer details of the subject than we can ever be. But what is happening to and with six million of our citizens is very important. It serves as a glowing indicator as where we, as society, are going. It also tells us why the choices American Jews make, as individuals affect their lives and the future of this country. After every analysis is complete and every fine detail is addressed, what really matters is the current political vector’s bearing.

Oh, where do we begin?